Friday, 22 April 2011


I cud run out of battery before I publish this one, today I was out with a friend I knew for almost 7 years, and it struck me that it's been +7 years since 2003!! we r in 2011, I was looking at Amman, and it's beautiful at night, it got a charm, I don't like it much at daytime especially with the traffic

I'm writing to note that often we forget to search for ourselves, subtracting what we do to survive from the equation, and through that little window of free hours we spare for ourselves each day, even becoming narrower, look for what you came here for and tell the world about it




Devil's Mind said...

It is common to make the mistake of prioritizing the unimportant and ignoring what really matters. Making balance in life is not an easy task!

Tala said...

I wouldn't call it a mistake and I wouldn't call it a task, it is not any more or less important than anything else we do. it's more like spelling yourself out in ways you never did before.