Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blacksmith in Amman?

I'm looking for a good blacksmith in Amman or a workshop that fabricates metal gate barriers, where do you normally find these places ?


joe said...

All aluminum companies have blacksmiths working for them, some on payroll and some independent contractors. Also check with junk dealers.

Tala said...

Thanks Joe and welcome to this blog, I called the first result of a google search and he came this mornig to measure and give me a quote

Devil's Mind said...

According to my GPS there is a smithery at this location on Shafa Badran street: 32.056702'N 35.912201'E.

Just type "32.056702, 35.912201" on google earth to find it. The following stuff are near by:
-Al-Momenen Company Building Material
-Jabal Arafat Supermarket

It is 5 minutes away from Applied Sciences University.

Hope this information helps.

Devil's Mind said...

Oh, I just noticed you already took care of that :)

Tala said...

Thank you for taking the time Zaid, appreciate it :)