Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I decided that I will press publish today, I really dont have anything to post about, my life revolves about work and its been hectic to the level that whenever I go for a meeting with our director I get anxiety attacks that I feel I will throw up, Im taking responsibility for what I report and its consequences which really doesnt let me sleep, seems that now its vacations time, but not for me, now I get to take decisions regarding my approach to work, sometimes I feel lost & its frustrating and Im expected to deliver in a quite short durtion and everything seems to be urgent, where I work its about getting to the findings in the shortest way possible while being efficient and realistic too, and I found out something about myself is that Im a problem spotter. like I scan for problems. lol, I think I lost my ability to amplify what is ok which keeps me hesitant to making a decison. sigh.. I just hate it when im pushed into something, but I'm learning so much and I discovered that I really know nothing, and that I still have soo much to learn.. I really want to do something with what I can, and I can.

I went to a garage sale the otherday and got a really nice cabinet & made a tiny library of my scattered < 1o books in my room which is something im excited about, and just got a sketch book with crayons :D yaaaaay Ive been wanting to get one since last month.

bte3rafu hai il ughnieh? iktashaftha :)

promise to post in a while.

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