Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Emarati Dictionary

when I first started working, the first word that I came across in the worksphere from Emarati accent was " Atarrish " which means to send, so I was talking to my colleague and I told her " ib3ateeli il email" she told me " Hay, batarsha 7aggesh " I was like " batarsha Oo??!@#$%!! shu ya3ni ?? then I recalled that in MS-WORD the Arabic version, paste = لصق /طرش , that was the closest my imagination could have related since all I could think of is "trasheh" which is painting surfaces.

and I couldn't get rid of the thought that whenever one tells me "tarsheeli il email" I would literally get a paint barrel and a brush and I would be pasting the email on a wall :D

here are some words to add to your dictionaries; bil Emarati,

HAY HAY == Yes ( this is funny) [ == A in Syrian, E in Iraqi, Aywa is Egyptian, AAH in Jordanian ]
TCHI = haik
TCHI TCHI = nos nos
ASTA-NIS = having good time
A3og == Akob
Atar-rish = to send something or a person
Aram-mes = to call
Mel-sha = Katb Ktab
mit-la3-wi-za = confused
b-ru7a, b-3mra= itself
b-ru7i, 3mri = myself
rab-3i = s7abi
ba tee? = bteeji?
Gowm-Ahli = Family
rabee3-ti = sa7ebti
ryoug = breakfast
Ma-teen= nase7
A-seer = Aroo7
Ya 7Lail-Letsh == ma a7laha or Allah y3eenek ; still have no clue when its used
Seeda= straight
Fa-daiiiit-tesh, Allah ysall-lemsh = Allah ykhaleek ( they sing this one)
plus adding WEEN to everything, bitgoomeen, bitroo7een, batimsheen etc etc..


Shmal said...

Hahaha! I lived in the emirates the first 16 years of my life and when I first came to Amman I kept using all the terms you just mentioned :P, everybody was like :|.

Tala said...

I knowww, and what I noticed is that there are various accents too especially Ajami people.

today it took me ages to understand that maseed is masjed!

Rani said...