Monday, 10 December 2007

Flying Thoughts

well im at the computer lab alone at school =D (evil smile)

what can i do here?? hmmmmmmmmmmmm......... there is no supervisor 7atta
since im boring and clueless,, i will do nothing bleh! im blogging instead =D

i used to think that when i have a big thing to do, i need to clear up space and time for it as in isolate myself from whatever i normally do to dedicate my concentration to this task,, while no,, i shouldnt stop my normal life for its sake.

its two things and only two things: assess your abilties and estimate how much time it needs and give safety extra time and fit it in your daily life and let it melt.

i have problem in both,, like i give more time, a factor of 3 and i isolate myself and i do nothing till i get negative signal that im at .9 0f 1 time span needed and i start the panic,, now, the x3 factor gives a guilt relief as in " haynee im doing nothing except working on it" while actually this is not the right way. and same scenario with THINKING ABOUT STUFF AND NOT DOING THEM.

for sure everything need to be thought of in the begining, sketched somewhere,, but quite soon later,, what really matters is reading feedback once you start implementing. it should be an indicator whether you are on the right path or not.

plus everything on paper LOOK hard,, but touching real facts, tying real nodes tells you what you should do next.

practice elimates errors and increases confidence.

i love myself when my brain works, jad it feels good and im sure everyone does,, but when im stuck, lost and vision-less im so helpless, useless and empty.

me going home, to my messy life, but its mine :D

i love my life.

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