Friday, 7 December 2007

a message to the universe

lately I'm experiencing a very intense mood change between extremes.

i don't know if its numb carelessness or being extremely conscious of every single nerve in me that every prick is just like million swords.

i have written a page of negative feelings and negative thoughts and i erased it because negativity is contagious. i want to let it out and i want to release myself. i dont need pity nor colorful dreams,, i just need you to act positive because this is the only thing that would help me out.

lead my way and stay with me


Qwaider قويدر said...

You sound like a recovering heroin addict!

What's wrong?! Focus on the problem, not the blame!

Nichola said...

Always there :)

Thunder said...

Q wal wal waaal shu khayalak wase3... heroin?! no no! hehe

nichola thank you my friend

but guys you misread the post its supposed to be positive (O_O)

Nichola said...

Yeah I know I was just commenting on "lead my way and stay with me" :)