Monday, 10 December 2007

Dance, Women, Music, Love ..etc

Waltz is so graceful and so fairy tale like dancing, this is the first time for me to listen to this song, i was taken away,, its so pretty, its called dreamcatcher by secret garden which is the same serenede to spring (this is what i got to after jumping from one link to another)

the most beautiful thing about music is that it can take over you, it speaks to your soul and lifts you far from where you are,, you sail with it and you can draw dreams with it and it fills your senses with every note.

you comprehend the music,, ( close your eyes and listen to the music alone without the video and see its effect on you, dont you think there is music that easily reaches the heart?) then see these two dancing, you see how the music speaks to her body and she has totally given herself to react to what the music does to her, its beautiful,, i wonder how she feels when she dances, i dont think she would be on earth. i was thinking if guys over here would be encouraged to learn ballroom dancing and i was laughing to myself because lazim ykoon buzo shibrein w jifes w tine7 willa ma bikoon zalameh! ma biseer!! bab il 7arra .. sigh sigh!

whats wrong with being romantic and 7anoon, wein il ghala6 bil mawdoo3?! im not saying that guys should be all cheapand fall on the floor for their women nor worship them and 7ader 7abibty kind of guys, and not to treat them like property or like the ones who know less and has issues because God made her a woman!

its just as simple as love her with respect. ((she in your eyes)) and this is something about the guys and this is what i believe should change in this part of the world. men don't respect their women,, not as in any sort of abuse, but in how they precieve them,, ya3ni,, if you saw the most beautiful woman on earth and she was standing infront of you, respecting her isn't by fixing your sight on the floor, she doesn't have to hide herself,, its by making her comfortable around you and not make her feel difference or any sort of special treatment and if you address her mind, her being before her body,,, you would really have been amazing gentleman! if women use their looks to get to places,, i blame the guys for it.. JAD! its all your fault!!!!

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