Saturday, 8 September 2007

Diet Plan:: Week Five

okie,, i just want to snap at myself now!! GOD last week was the most terrible thing diet wise.. well its been a month now,, no lets talk about last week now,, it was damn stressful and i really lost control,fully,, i walked once for a short period of time, i had coffee with sugar and caramel syrup! i had ice cream like every two days, i had chips, popcorn, everything name it! i even had jam sandwichez, i didn't do that for ages!!

there is this damn pattern i noticed myself doing, when there is something serious on my mind, my life just stops. i just shut all focus abilities on everything and i have my brain at that spot and i obsess about it and it ruins all the right order that it needed weeks to be set. its like a reset button.. damn i hate myself when i do that! damn it damn it..

didn't lose anything, didn't gain anything during past week, thinking of four past weeks, me is not happy with results neither, its not useless, its not important in my head, that's all,, but I'm aware of myself but normally i lose control after day 3, all i need to figure is not WHAT to eat, cause i can differentiate, i have a degree in that, but when to eat, and how to manage cooking time, cooking what. what to do at work, uni and not going for whatever everyone is having.

since its been a month now, i will take full measures ,, make a spread sheet, mark weekly target, set exercise days,, buy my groceries after finishing here,

will repeat with
Diet Plan Week Four

i promise for correct and accurate 14 continuous days,, i swear i will do that. break the habit,, that is. see me multi-tasking.


Alia said...

im not sure about this , but to tell you a secreat , last week was everyone's WORST diet week ..
i missed up myself, i even ate "Bamya" and i HATE it !
but it's ok , im sure this week will be better ..
you know i'll give you a tiny tip ..
diet all week long and by Friday take a day off "since it's official holiday and family gathers and stuff .. "
wake up early , weight your self & then eat whatever you want .. and believe me it will make you feel better and have more control on yourself .. cuz when ever you want to eat somthin' you'll think like this " i have Friday to eat whatever i want " .. so you'll get through this .. =)
good luck & keep me up with the updates XD ..

Tala said...

" i have Friday to eat whatever i want "

heik fikrek? i think this will work, since like if you followed the plan well, and you weighed yourself friday morn and you did lose something you will be excited not to go crazy on the FREE day,, hehehe.. seems like gonna work

and guess what! I DIDNT HAVE COFFEE TODAY,,, I REALLY FOUGHT AGAINST COFFEE, i had two cups of green tea no sugar, and one cup of regular tea with coffee mate.. don't ask me why.. thats was weird taste, i was trying to fool myself
Alia THX for coming here,, your tips are gr8 and im enjoying sharing the updates,, ALL THE BEST FOR THIS WEEK FOR YOU TOO ;D

Alia said...

ya , you're right you'll be proud of yourself by friday and the weight loss XD ..
why didn't you try sokren ?
you know i have the same problem but with nesca'fe i cant live without it XD ..but im workin' on it ..
so good luck both of us =)