Sunday, 2 September 2007

Diet Plan:: Week Four

well, this week food monitoring wise was alright, khabbaset like 2 days mish 3 :P.. but i didnt follow much of the plan,, i didn't give myself time to think of preparing food according to the schedule,, i have been walking a little bit too..

gonna be more specific next week. no plan. just ground rules, and its just a trial..

ok, lets say for this week i want to:

walk 3 times for 1 hour with steady pace,, not to clear my mind but to exercise

i have a question: if you wanted to exercise in the morning would you rather have breakfast and go exercise or go exercise first? since breakfast is gonna be burnt throughout the day later on?

i want to have two meals, not three, and one snack in the middle to maintain sugar levels.

lets say i go exercise early morning, have breakfast sometime at 9:00 , go ........ (fill the blank) , and something like 7:00 pm with some one filling balanced meal. and thats it.

snack time should be at 2:00 pm and most preferably to be fruits! which has sugar/vitamins and no carbs.


i don't know about it? its been a week with regular two cups/day which is ?? so what alternatives should one take to work? i will try to replace is with water.

now what qualifies for breakfast?

definitely milk/juice
definitely 2 toasts and something, name it ( labaneh/cheese/ turkey/7umos/thyme+ 1 tbs OO)
1 fruit.

what qualifies for 7:00 pm meal?

Salad for sure
definitely its mainly protein ( 120 grms of meat/chicken/fish/tuna/eggs)
go as low as possible on carbs ( rice/pasta/freekeh/bread/starch) 6 tbs or below.
Soup if you can since its too hot/ something with vegetables is always good.

i don't think im being creative with the options.. must dig in some cook books.

i have questions in my mind like: what if i wanted to go have some burgers/pizza with my friends? what does this meal equate to?
i think if you manage to have a normal breakfast and a small snack, you can give it to yourself if you had fried stuff/bready/greasy for your main meal but its important not to eat till you get full.

and ofcourse dont eat directly before you sleep. give yourself 2-3 hours minimum.

water water water.

exercise is how you compensate for your gourmet sins if any :P

guess me is clear, at least to me.


Alia said...

well, im dieting myself ..
and im hoping this time it'll work .. so good luck & GO FOR IT ..
i have 2 tips , if you're having early execise you shouldn't eat anything before it , i used to say like you "it'll be burnt" , but actually it's wrong , you should eat after 45 min. to 2 hours after exersing and NOT before that ..
drink alot of water & keep a bottel with you whenever you go ..
and as for the coffee , use Diabetes-sugar , it's called "sokaren" do you know it ?
you can find it in any store ..
and good luck =)

Tala said...

Hey Alia :D welcome to my blog and thanks A LOT for the encouraging comment

about the breakfast after exercise, will start tomo on that, there are couple of days where work started at 7am and it was so refreshing to walk on the streets at 6:30 am,, missed that since ages..

about sokaren, i should get that coz today at work, i tried so hard not to have coffee, but khalas i couldn't so it was two cups in 9 hours,, my friend's mom said i should try either green tea or zhourat :D hehehehe.. seemed ok,, anything is fine as long as it restore focus powers and decreasing sugar levels.