Saturday, 1 September 2007

ma medley

if i wanna describe whats going in my brains at the moment, i would tell you to imagine a large table,, something like tens of scrolls spread on it,, walls with archives all around it, my memory files, whats on the table is the facts i have all around for real,, or what files i choose to put on the table too that im taking with me in my quest..and im sitting over the table and jumping from one scroll to another,, my head is buffering with all those ideas, im drawing things, i feel good with what i see, but still there is like missing clues,, its there and i can't see it.. im telling my head to see it from different angles maybe i catch that thought, its shapeless... grrr,, its not coming.

i dont want to keep sketching ideas. i want them for real and i want good ones.

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