Thursday, 16 August 2007

Late Diet Plan:: Week Two

in case you read,, sorry sorry been disconnected for a while,, and i should have at least posted the past saturday,, so here you go.

hmm.. i wanted to say something about diets,, sometimes you totally forget that you are following a plan,, and why why does people start inviting you to yummy dinners, birthdays start popping out immediately after you start your plan???! hmm... another thing, it takes you like a week or forever to decide that yes, i want to live healthy, eat healthy, so if you survive the first week right, and manage to pass the second week, yup you got the system going... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .... well i had 5 days right, messed up the following 3,, and before yesterday, a friend said, how's the diet going on with you,, i was like oops..!!! sa7 nseeeeet !! its not that bad though,, ya3ni ma khabbaset --- kteer :P

what i managed to establish, i have breakfast right which is good, and i have lunch on time, nothing in between,,, its the snacks and dinner!! must get rid of those... and i keep forgeting about the water.. water the first thing when i wake up, warm with one squeeze of lemon if had the time.

by the way, i will be so happy if i manage to lose 1 kg a week :D really, i believe in slow motion when it comes to dieting and its something like an everyday right pattern of eating, so its just a bad habbits breaker which i hope i'll get going.

thooo. here is the new one

Day 1 + 2
breakfast: 2 toasts + 2 tbs labaneh + 30 grm white cheese + 1 glass of grape fruit juice
lunch: 6 tbs of rice + 1 cup of ocra + 120 grm grilled meat + salad ( 1 tbs of olive oil)
dinner: 1 toast + 2 tbs 7ummos + 1 orange

Day 3 + 4
breakfast: 2 toasts + 1 boiled egg + 1 tbs honey + 1 glass of skimmed milk
lunch: 120 grms kefta + 1 small baked potato + boiled veggies + salad!
dinner: fruit salad ( 1 apple + 1 orange + 1 tiny banana)

Day 5 + 6
breakfast: 2 toasts + 2 tbs 7ummos + 1 tbs olive oil + 1 glass of orange juice
lunch: 6 tbs of rice + 120 grm grilled chiken skin removed + mloookhieh (hurraaay) i love this :D + salad!
dinner: 1 cup of tabbouleh + 1 apple

Day 7
breakfast: 2 toasts + 1 slice of turkey + 30 grms of white cheese + 1 glass of skimmed milk
lunch: 120 grm of grilled fish + 10 potato fries + 1 cup of veggies + salad!
dinner: 1 small banana + 3 tbs of beans (Foul) + 1 toast


Qwaider قويدر said...

One thing I would never understand, women's obsession with diets!

But hey, don't let me get in the way :)

Tala said...

its good to feel pretty i guess regardless if it was a woman or a man. but my case, its not obsession nor im seeking perfection, just trying to be healthy.