Wednesday, 22 August 2007

i'll jump across for you

a story, of me, of you, of him, and him and her, of them, of the whole, we look at ourselves as part of the whole or a small whole for a fact, we say that there are people like us,, see,, look around you,, we are not unique.

but yet we feel "ghurbeh", we are with the other, we share so much, build together but we believe that no one knows the same ghurbeh and it resides within.

if i let myself see you in a different light, if you let me see who you are, i will see how much we are alike,,

did you ever see a knight in a circassian's eyes. he thinks of himself as a knight till the day, a circassian used not to dine with his parents on a table so a child won't get attached to his father when he might not be at the table the day after, never gives a chance to weaken because he has a responsibility dictated by years of war which shaped the heart and the mind.

a Chechnyan respect for life, did you ever see them dance, that soldier like one on the outside, they don't dance like circassians, they have this very sensitive and transparent definition for love and devotion. they hold so much in their hearts but they are full of feelings. they still see soldiers in them till the day

did you ever see the artist in every Armenian. the pianist, the soft ballerina,, the love for theater the love and warmth they bring to their small community that has art at the core every family's construct.
Armenia is Heaven for them till the day

did you ever see the free soul of a bedouin, their love for independence and their passion for poetry, contemplating under a tree with flute is meaningful till the day and it moves the bottoms of their hearts .

did you ever touch the peace in a Christian's depth, did you see a qiddees in a Christian's eyes.
spirituality is the way till the day.

did you see " il jar7 " in a Palestinian heart, did you see il ghurbeh, do you know what marcel khalifeh means? there is a fighter inside everyone till the day.

we are all Jordanians, we all have pain. and i never saw yours, because i only saw mine,, i didnt let myself understand yours, but if you let all this dissolve, we are whole and we are one, if we let ourselves know the culture, live the culture of the other heart and soul,, it makes sense to me to see you in different light and i truly can feel you as well, you will find that we are just individuals, when it hurts its the same,,, but we don't have to keep it in getos.

we can start with ourselves and be an example for others, break the tradition boundary by learning it and even more learn to enjoy living it and make it a reason for growth.

i will jump across for you.

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