Friday, 24 August 2007

Society in your eyes

i have been asked this question and ever since i've been asking it to others, so here it goes,,

you are an individual living in this society, how would you describe the society you experience everyday?

the answers i got were very diverse and plenty or most of them were negative, here are some answers:

1- mujtama3 garfan!
2- mujtama3 tabaqi and this is a new feature,, in a sense that people started noting that there are people who know nothing and care less about the people living in refugee camps, hashemi, down town, ranking them as less and they consider them from a total different mentality which is a pity.
3- mujtama3 3asha2iry
4- mujtama3 was6a
5- trend follower, doesn't stick to any frame of principals, very elastic to change with no profound understanding on what basis it does that. "musaaq"
6- has no aim
7- simple and kind
8- a collection of stereotypes
9- 3ashwa2ee/random as in spontaneously random.
10- empty sometimes
11- pretender

and when i asked them what do you miss the most in your society, and i mean it that the most frequent answer was honesty!! honesty is missing.

some referred that we have no rivers, no seas, no evident green landscapes, thats why it gets frustrating and gets to how we feel that there isn't much to do or look at, people has nothing but themselves to keep themselves occupied, you don't have much of a choice

ya3ni if you wanted to so some outdoor activity in Jordan,, it doesn't have to be just Aqaba, Dead sea, Rum, Wadi il Mujeb, Petra, there is more choice and simpler and you dont have to drive hours to experience fresh air.

what do you think??? do you have something to say?


Rasha said...

Heeeey Taltoool!

The first answer that popped into my mind when I read your question was 'diversity', but now I'm thinking that that may not be a characteristic of the Jordanian society per se, but almost any other.
If I was asked this question a year ago, I would say that it's a judgmental society, an intolerant one, but since then some people proved me wrong so although I think that still holds but maybe not to the extent I used to think it is.

what is it that our society lacks? I would say modesty and tolerance.. that we could actually be wrong and might learn a bit if we read and listened more.

Tala said...

Rasha xD

hey you read the blog ;P Thx..

i agree to what you said, its judgmental in my opinion because it has hard time accepting the other not as in accepting its existence, but as in understanding it and the reaction is protective, and whats happening is that people are closing doors to what is different from them gating themselves or would not care at all losing who they are, and its like the society became more demanding and intolerant as you said and less productive.

eh.. modesty! i think its related to kindness. you have to dig to much in to find it..