Saturday, 25 August 2007

Diet Plan:: Week Three

Day 1 + 2
Breakfast: 2 toasts + 1 tbs jam + 1 glass of skimmed milk
Lunch: 4 tbs rice + 3/4 cup of tomato raggue with peas and carrots + 90 grms grilled meat + bowl of salad
Dinner: fruit salad ( 1 apple + 1 orange + 1 small banana)

Day 3 + 4
Breakfast: 2 toasts + 3 tbs low fat labaneh + 1 glass of grape fruit
Lunch: 90 grms of grilled chicken + 1 small grlled potato + 3/4 of boiled veggies + bowl of salad
Dinner: 1 toast + 2 tbs 7ummos + 1 apple

Day 5 + 6
Breakfast: 2 toast + 1 boiled egg + 1 glass of skimmed milk
Lunch: 4 tbs ma2loobet beitnjan + 3/4 cup yogurt + 90 grms grilled meat + bowl salad
Dinner: 1 toast + 60 grams white cheese + 1 apple

Day 7
Breakfast: 2 toast + 3 tbs 7ummos + 1 glass of orange juice
Lunch: Free (bil 3agel)
Dinner: 1 toast + thyme and 1 tbs oil + 1 banana


Hani Obaid said...

btw if you're willing to pay 15JDs a day, I can recommend an excellent service.

First you go see their nutritionist, then based on how much weight you wanna lose (if any), they cook and deliver a basket to you every day containing 3 meals and 2 snacks.

They're really clean, the items come labeled for lunch/dinner/breakfast/snack.
They deliver them wherever you want home/work etc...

The food is prepared fresh each day, and there is no single abtch they give to everybody, your food is prepared for you, adn you can tell them which meals you like or dislike, and if you ahve any allergies or anything.

Tala said...

i wish i can afford that:D coz it sounds really great,, i always thought that there aren't much places especially around uni that offer affordable and healthy meals not just fast food and mayo sandwiches and shawerma ,, even for people who work in corporates who end up calling for delivery.. ya3ni you are talking about JOD450 a month here which is too much just for food budget.

but does the place deliver like call them and ask what do they have for the day not on a monthly basis thing? and whats its name, number?

Thanks for the comment and info Hani :D

Maher said...

ok, i am trying to do this, bas honestly i dont stand eating eggs!! so what should i replace the eggs with?

Tala said...

YAAAY maher ma a7sanak :D rafa3tilli ma3nawiyatee

ok what you can take instead of eggs is:

each alternative has 7 grms protein and contains 75 calories.

so instead you can have:
30 grm meat/chicken/fish
1/4 cup tuna
2 slices of cold cuts you pick
2 tbs of Labaneh
30 grms white cheese

Hani Obaid said...

I don't think they do anything under 1 month, Friday is a free day (bil 3agel!).

Here's the contact info