Saturday, 25 August 2007


i don't have anything specific to write about at the moment, so this is just random meaningless post.

I am looking through a window in front of me, listening to cars as they pass slowly in front of the bumper, the sound coming from a distance, increasing in frequency and fading away respectively.

we are filters that band pass certain levels of everything, thats why we created things to strengthen our abilities to dig deeper and understand, we create different tools because we want to know whats beyond.

but does it occur to any that there are things that are beyond us by default, we never know and might never know about because it never was part of us. what i can see is what has something common to my construct. i can't see except one plane of life,, my question is: is there a sensor that i can develop that i doesn't already exist in my body or in a living creature's body.

sometimes i think of this question: is there a difference between living matter and matter referring to the universal system? does it matter if all matter wasn't intelligent.
whats the percentage of the living matter to matter? maybe the universe has a minimum intelligence required to survive :S

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