Friday, 2 January 2009

Protest Posters for Gaza

I made some Posters , they are quite simple, if you felt like joining people on the streets, feel free to use any of them. print, get a flat stick and glue and you are ready.

if you do anything of sorts, Protests around ME or you do Poster Design, please do share your work.

whatever done is better than nothing, whether you would join a donation campaign, Fund Raise, Join Peaceful Events, write, or hit the streets. all is good, but its cool to have objectives.

in Dubai, all I do is wear a Keffiyeh and hit the walking areas and the malls. Im contacting the red crescent, WFP tomorrow morning and see what they are doing.

GAZA should keep standing. it should survive till Jan 20th and Feb 10th.

Hussni Mubarak biddo 7areg!

Livni will not win the next elections. take my word.


asoom said...

thanks I'll check em out!

Tala said...

go Asoom :D