Monday, 5 January 2009

volunteering with Aramex in UAE

Thanks to Ali, I learned about the donation campaign by Aramex going in UAE

[click to enlarge poster]
I went to mall of emirates, I found the guys and I signed my name and telephone to volunteer with them and they will call me tomorrow to tell me where they need people, I donated a stepper and leg support that my mother doesn't use anymore after she recovered from a broken leg, the guys told me that they are focusing on Medical items & Clothes. I took the flyer and photocopied it and distributed it in the compound and among my colleagues at work, and its been circulating by mail in the whole corporate. The Campaign will be on till the 11th of January.

Emirates Red Crescent is also gathering money donations and has booths in most of the malls.

The police in Sharjah at the lake has been asking anyone who hangs a keffiyeh inside the car to remove it and wherever they see a group of guys with more than 4 people together, they ask them to disperse.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not understanding why the police are looking to remove the keffiyeh from the owner or dispersing a group of 4 people?