Sunday, 14 September 2008

did you ever notice

did you ever notice
how we practice discriminative thinking
when we look around
we say

this is a circle
that is a square
there is a boat
stars fill the sky, and there
in the horizon
is where the waters begin

x from y
its how we think ..

what makes a thing, a thing?
can you see how we learned to see?

can you see your mind
drawing those lines around objects and giving them names
we highlight them and push them forward
our images are of a million little things
then we bring forward the bits of truth that we want to see
making our own worlds

same with saying

this is me
and this is everything else that is not me
the truth is
we never were isolated
its just how we see

we are like everything
as real as the vacuum we don't see

how many objects are in the picture?


Tololy said...

Yes. I did notice. This was beautiful.

Tala said...

yaaaaay you understood what I said =D Welcome here Tololy