Monday, 15 September 2008

A for Action: How we can help

Be a comforting hand
Draw a smile
Warm up hearts
Feel content
Ease sorrow
Connect in goodness
Be positive
Plant one seed
For everything kind
Build our home

you can help

it doesn't take much from you

kind people are everywhere, today, there are young people out there who decided to do something, to take an action, they named themselves the action committee and they are thinking about the poor in Jordan

help them out by securing a pack of the basic needs for a family

the pack costs 20 Dinars and contains the following:

3 kg Rice
3 kg Sugar
2 kg Beans
2 kg Lentils
6 Packs of Pasta
2 Cans Tomato Paste
1 kg Tea
2 A’mar Eldin
1 Oil
½ kg Dates
12 packs Maggie

How you can help:

Spread the word, reblog the post, tell your friends
Donate money for a food pack
Help distributing the packs it will start Saturday 20 - 09
take part in organizing an Iftar on 16 - 9 or 24 - 9

The last day for receiving donations is Wednesday 17-09

you can contact Sara @ 079-5154498 or you can Leave your name and number here and Muoffaq will call you back

picture from SOS Children village Jordan website


Nas said...

you rock! thanks

Qabbani said...

thanks :)

Tala said...

Nas & Qabbani, Thanks for doing all what you do