Friday, 15 August 2008

for the past four days I have been taking the role of Jum3a il Tarreesh and my sister was doing great being Khamees my asistant, its the first time we do house painting, me and my sister didn't stop laughing today, [I think we were too tired] and towards the end I had the brush with too much paint that when I raised it towards the ceiling moving inwards, a big spot of paint fell over my face that sounded like "ka -tish " right over my eyes I was going in a "Im so tired w biddi akhalles w mish wa2too " kind of moment when my sister was laughing so hard and I ended on the floor laughing because she was laughing,,, you should have seen us doing the first room! Dad started the thing and showed me the measures, then both Dad and sister went for a wedding, It was exhausting, I had my face painted, spotted floors, but I got better at it the proof is today[yesss!] its fun, I'm happy with clean spacious empty walls right now, though the room looks like a tornado just visited it where everything is displaced, I still have one ceiling to go, two floors to clean from spots, and the work is done, we have high ceilings so my neck officially died.. I am happy, I will finish it up tomorrow morning, we are BBQing tomorrow night

Having the walls cleared, I was looking at the pictures that were hung, I never noticed that we have to many pictures for what resembles the virgin mary, either a mother carrying a child, a lady, drawings of Jesus and Mary, a painting of my grandmother, those were the ones my grandfather kept because they reminded him of teita, I didnt know teita from dad's side, I only know her from pictures.

I don't know why Im writing this, but anyways, read on, when we were kids, we used to make noodles and play video games most of the time, and whenever our parents asked us to quit we would say " baba hai akher stage, kaman 5 minutes " so once we had my cousins over and yazeed went to make himself some noodles, while in the kitchen he turned on all the gas switches though he only needed one, just for the sake of experimenting so the maid was angry because he won't turn them off or listen to her and she went to tell my grandfather who was sitting at my uncle's place upstairs about what we were doing, he called us up and asked us to turn off the video games and go upstairs, my grandfather lined us infront of everyone, my grandfather doesn't yell when he speaks, he listens all you want and talks too little, we have to behave when he is around, and never argue with him;

" Ya Yazeed...
Inta walad mu2addab... fahman... sha6er w bitroo7 3al madraseh..
mazboot? "

"aah jiddo ^^"

" TAB LAWEISH 7MAR !! " and everyone started laughing.

I miss you Jiddo.