Sunday, 10 August 2008

The University of Jordan - Part 2

2- Admission Issues

Upon finishing Tawjihi and applying to University Admission, we all know that the application form includes all Jordanian universities in the kingdom, with over 60 bachelor programs in JU alone.

Assume I just finished Tawjihi and I wanted to explore my choices, what I hope for is that Tawjihi graduates spend some time searching between university websites - instead of deep thinking and contemplation which the form suggests - to find study plans, I have been looking up the Jordanian universities websites, regardless of what i think of them [tailored for students or other purposes], but the information is accessible, and I think lots of useful information got uploaded, but as I was looking at it from a new student perspective, I will definitely want someone to tell me whats the difference between those majors for example;

نظم معلومات ادارية - اردنية
انظمة المعلومات الحاسوبية - اردنية
انظمة معلومات الاعمال - اردنية
علم الحاسوب - مؤتة
علم الحاسوب و تطبيقاته - هاشمية
نظم المعلومات المحاسبية - البلقاء التطبيقية
نظم المعلومات الحاسوبية - علوم و تكنولوجيا
هندسة الحاسوب
هندسة البرمجيات
هندسة نظم الحاسوب

Whom should I contact or seek sound professional advice from? for example this page offers a very good description of courses offered in IT Dept, the study plan is available as well, but I definitely need a Professor's e-mail in case I had questions, because I know I don't want to rely on word of mouth for my next four years at college like Khouloud said, " il kullieh il afya3 willa illi feeha s7abi" "Thaqafet il 3aib - Med/Eng/Law for wajaha"

where will this degree put me on the working map and does it match what I want to do? what am I going to learn??

Another thing that is absolutely important is to include recent Graduates' testimonies. yes! I want to see a recent two year grad's picture, GPA, name and speaking of how this program helped him/her in his practical life [ practical advice ] and what positions they are working at and whether the program is relevant or not, so if it wasn't they'd start fixing through feedback. I want to be able to have some knowledge of what technologies the departments introduced in the past 3 years, how they used it, not in a form of a report, I would like to sample some work done by students whether in projects, or papers.. show us how you are using the facilities and what you are doing in your classrooms. you bought a one quarter of a million machine for the science faculty, its new, we wanna see what you will do with it!

If you check the website you will find the following portal, in the faculty of Engineering they recently introduced " دليل الطالب المستجد " I don't think this is enough, I am sorry. I don't think that if I am going to do a BSc all over again, I would base my decision on this introduction especially if I was an international student or a person who survived Tawjihi and scored over 92%

Some universities add few general tests and questionnaire to help the student decide if this program is suitable for them and their ambition or not, putting students in perspective of future working environment, lots of students were disappointed by the type of classes they took at school because they didn't think its gonna be this way though they willingly signed for the program. so yeah. including those or linking to some of these tests online can help the student make a decision.

Another idea I was thinking of is to give this form to 9th grade students so they would know that there are hundreds of majors offered in schools, and thats its not Med/Eng/Law/CS in Jordan

making a yearly edition from صوت الطلبة magazine to show new comers some graduate examples speaking and where they are working in Jordan is another idea, some fun tests to make so they would know more about their interests avoiding signing up for the wrong major.

If we get rid of the notion that we are lucky & privileged to get to join JU and criticize this institution where it should and show the strength of programs in other Jordanian Universities, JU staff will wake up from their given slumber and remember that they have to compete to maintain its reputation.


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khouloud said...

I'm eagerly waiting for the following posts, I like your approach and respect your point of views on these matters. How about you E-mail this to someone in charge? Seriously, this shouldn't go unnoticed simply because your criticism is in place and it comes from your experience, ya3ni it's not only a bunch of theories! I totally agree btw, have nothing more to add!

Asal said...
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Asal said...

Loved it,
i really liked all of your suggestions,seriously when i recall my first days as a Tawgihi student i remember how i had all kinds of questions going in and out of my head about varying (though pretty much alike:P) university majors with no satisfying answer about any of those.

allow me please to stress on one single suggestion , how you wanted 9th graders to get introduced to majors available in university other than Eng/Med , seriously we really need this here in Jordan ppl here are just making their sons and daughters study such a major without actually having the motivation for it, a fault that may turn into a life ( i witnessed that with lots of my colleges actually), we once tried to conduct something like a little conference in one of Amman schools to introduce students to what options they have at the university,something like this can have a great effect on students,but unfortunately it didn't work :S

P.S Khouloud has a good point,this should never go unnoticed,you should have people at JU reading it,at least you should do your role.

BTW,where is that part about "imti7an il jafa2a", i cant even see it on the upcoming topics??.

Tala said...

Khouloud, i want you to help me out and write stuff from your experience too, i think we have a lot to say woman =D

Asal if you, Ala2, Ramy, and the rest of the guys would have any suggestions, topics, input since you have your share of experience in activism, I would love to host any contribution, the way you want, I will link what ramy wrote too in the next post.

about the Kafa2a exam, its gonna be in the next one =D

will see how can I pass this later on, il muhim we are talking, thanks for your support Khouloud, Asal, your input is what tells me im ok =)

aboSamoor said...

If you want to tell the students about studying in University, you have to tell them the WHOLE truth, to know what I mean , please read this

khouloud said...

Well except for the lack of guidance as to what every major is all about and the lack of anything to help a student base his/her choice of major on, I have no experiences, simply because I barely go to lectures :D And anyway, any sort of experience I had in JU was pleasent, that doesn't mean that I don't agree with you it just means that I didn't get involved in university issues, so inti bas oktobi w ana babsom :D

Tala said...


I agree to what you said, 11 out of 20 of the news are the president news and the delegations arriving at JU, its missing the most important part, THE STUDENTS!!! student freedom of expression is normalized, and most students are disconnected from the outer world, though im pretty sure that there is positive voice in students more than what they fear of unleashing. if you are educating students, you are giving them the tool and power to do. LET THEM PRACTICE.

I really would love to see "an experiment" where the student council is made up of elected members, and get the student paper run by students and see. just see what will happen if the administration didn't interfere? will the students be responsible, rational?

will they represent outside university entities. why don't we teach students to think independently and see whats on the ground and what they wish to have and work on filling gaps.

do you think students are incapable??

if you thought that the students are not capable to proper decisions, give the council training and experiment, trust them, and rely on them in doing. the administrative burden will be much less.

this is how we can make a generation that can lead and be independent.