Sunday, 17 August 2008

Jang Mi-ran: The World's Strongest Woman

Today Jang Mi-ran, 24 years old South Korean deserved the title of the world strongest woman after setting 3 world records in super heavy weight lifting in both events - snatch, clean and jerk lifting, beating the previous high mark by 7 kg (15.4 pounds)

She broke the world record total by lifting 183 kg (403.4 pounds) in her second clean and jerk when she gets three goes, but the crowd called for more and Jang responded by adding another 3 kg (6.6 pounds) in her final lift,,, that was really really awesome to watch! the silver medal winner 's total score was 50 Kg below Jang's.

first time to see women weight lifting but that was goood game

Athletes are awesome!! I'm happy for Jang, she is a Heroine =)

I'll tell you a secret, I always wished to play in the sports city stadium at night and the big four lights would be turned on and I would be part of a team of any game.. I always liked the idea that football team players practice at night, out in the field, or too early in the morning, I think its exciting to start your day with people doing sports.

Did I tell you that I have been feeling weird whenever I went to the gym lately, its like I was looking at the girls each working out on a machine, and none was excited about it, either she is really suffering or slowly peddling, either busy with the TV, the phone, the ipod and passing those minutes, it wasn't about the exercise, and those who were into it were the ones there for running, so I kept telling myself "hey you women, what are you doing here!! why did you sign up, why are you so dead, are you enjoying this!!! then asking myself, what am I doing here? " then I examine the machine feeling like a robot..

I started thinking of how we women care about looks and whether its us or the surrounding, but then again I want to feel fit, I'm not here to be thin, then I started thinking of the pain of workout and why should I go through it and thinking how my day is messed up because I spent too much time sitting and mostly infront of a computer which is a machine, then I go to the gym to balance things out which ironically means using another machine, I felt I'm not human or that my life involves lots of machines and less and less people,, that there is something terribly wrong that I am doing,, is it just me, or am I just making excuses??

back to the gym, sometimes I feel energized after the workout but sometimes its the opposite, that the next day I can't move at all and I get depressed,, so whenever I go I think I don't want to be dead and absent so I convinced myself that its a dancing class and that whatever movement Im doing, Im dancing :P

anyways, to JANG,, I salute you. Kudos to Athletes.. it this age,, what you do is tough tough tough!

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