Wednesday, 28 May 2008


I earned a new nickname :D


Asal said...

Congrats Taloosh walaah
i am really happy for you , finaly you did it ,

we searched for you all day long, wen konti ???

Tala said...

Thaaanks Sameer ^^ i still can't believe it myself

i was at Eng Balqees's Lab, handing Maya and Moebi sniff sniff

bambam said...

oh congrats tala, mabrook.
glad that moebi and maya were good and behaved accordingly :D
now you can move on to bigger things i hope.
best of luck :D

Tala said...

bambam thanks :D Allah ybarek feek, WA AKHEERAN
i mentioned you in my report ^^ for the most part, thanks for being a good friend and a good listener, i didnt get to tell u that

whats next? lots of things :D
im glad im over with school so i start doing.

Moey said...

what's the new nickname :)

Tala said...

E.T :D for Eng. initials :P

aboSamoor said...

Hey Tala,
Mosh ted7aki 3ala elshabab belkalam :P
Beddi el7elwan :(

Tala said...

hehe 7ader :D best of luck in todays exam

7aki Fadi said...

Alf MAbrook ya tala :D

Tala said...

Allah Ybarek feeki 7aki, shukraan =D

BuJ said...

hala, so are you a proper engineer now? alf mabrook :)
what specialisation?

knaffe on you?