Sunday, 25 May 2008

62nd Anniversary of Independence

هدية الحرية هي الاستقلال
بذرة الطيبة دائما تكبر و تعطي امل و حياة
كل عام و الاردن بخير و العالم بخير
يا رب اعطينا السلام و اعطينا الوعي لنفهم معنى الحرية

update: i just noticed that i wrote 62th instead of 62nd, well its too late to fix it, anyways i just realised that whenever i read it, it read 26th anniversary, not sixty second anniversaryy because sixty second sounds like sixty seconds! i think i lost my mind, im writing a lengthy report and started seeing things.... actually when i blog at times of deadlines, it means mish mla72aaa and im getting somehow hyper over coffee. sigh.. hanat!!


Zeinobia said...

Happy anniversary :)

Tala said...

thanks Zeinobia :) hope all nations live free and in peace. we still have a long way ahead of us and a lot of work to do.