Tuesday, 20 November 2007

in very simple words, my opinion

Ever since bloggers started documenting whats going on with the current elections, i have been keeping up and observing as a citizen till the day has come. i am an average jordanian with no interest in politics.

The questions i asked myself through all this:

why all this sudden interest in the Jordanian Parliment?
i am a Jordanian Christian Woman, should i limit myself to vote for one who represents the Christian Seat? a relative would make it a plus? what are the needs of the minority that i belong to if there is any to make me want someone to represent the part of me that is Christian?
is being an intellect and educated enough to run for elections? who really fits?
what does the private sector have to do with the government now? in JORDAN???
can wajaha cost one million dinars?
does any of those people running care about politics :) ? or the people? or the 20 years from now future?
if someone runs more that twice, it should be worth it, dont you think??
is four years enough to make real changes? did anyone sense a difference from all the ones who came before?

and most importantly...

should i be scared???? (O_O)

when someone flashes light infront of you, its really easy to get you distracted! so the end point is we get more rich people and more poor aimless people lost in words when all what matters is the money.

the lesson of the day: parties normally spend on the candidates campaigns supported by the people who believe in the party. people make candidates, candidates do not classify the people..
its about the beliefs, not the person.. its what are you going to do, not who you are.

no one has any slight idea about what any of all those candidates is planning to do.

p.s: i really want one of those "kul il urdonyeen urdonyoun banners" i might get one tonight home for the memory =)

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