Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sensors and Wheels

ishtaghal ishtaghal ishtaghal .. il motor ishtaghal ma3 il IC il 3ajeebeh tuttu ru tuu tuuu 6ing!

im done with something :D dal aroo7 3al mashaghel w arrakeb il body and i would be done with the structure part
earlier today, i went to my supervising Dr ( i was dragging myself, i didnt wnat to go) and i told him about where im stuck and i appologised for not updating him with whats going on because i just didnt want to get to the office with no progress,, and he was very nice, i was expecting a bahdaleh! i will give him a by-daily update about what im doing for this month.

sometimes i think its not ok to say that i didnt know how to solve something and i hide killing myself to find answers while simply facing my fears and wanting to learn what i dont knw can make a difference

dad always tells me: " there is nothing to be afraid of, there is a very thin thread between knowing and not knowing, try and if you didnt get anything, ask about it"

"ask about it part is what i neglected for the longest time in university and it kept me in the dark and i dont know state "

a lot of my friends offered to lend a hand in making my project,, i just couldnt ask anyone to come and program with me because i want to make the work alone because jad i wanna learn, and i dont want to take a short path out and i d0nt want to cheat myself... i know im slow and probably i wont go past being a C+ relative to others in the project and i might not finish and it might not work,, but thats quite good for me.

tomorrow i have a really hard midterm, its the worse.. power electronics,, and last night i spent it trying to solve one problem referring to the circuits and electronics books and revising my math. ya3ni if i put my best today and bukra,,, i would pass. enshallah.

going home. wish me luck
one month to go

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