Tuesday, 20 November 2007

one am

talking to my friend, its one am..

H: haiek fay2a zai il irdeh, roo7i udrosi
T: ma biddi, mish tay2a
H: yeah, call me tomorrow crying mish mla72a,, tb shu 2a3deh bitsawi, its one am
T: i donno i will head to sleep kaman shwai and i will study early morning, will go to irbid vote and come back
H: ka2inno jaeeki ishi min illi r7 tsawteelo
T: inti bil salt?
H: no, talteh
T: lameen r7 tsawti? (kul il urdonyeen urdonyouuun??)
H: didnt make up my mind and i might not go..
hmmm... back to you..
every page you get done with tonight btirta7i minha bukra,
make a cup of Nescafe.... get the books and the sobba ..... and make a labaneh sandwich with tomato and cucumbers and mint and sit and study..
T:...giving it some thought( i like to study with il sobba on and everything is quiet)... hmm... i drink Tea! i dont drink coffee, it makes me sick,, anyways, ma ba3raf will see about it..
H: Tea is effectiveless wih me.. i will call you after one hour..
T: buahahahaha.. no you wont! you have work tomo
H: no i dont ,, buahahahahhah.. fadeetellek! khalas yallah go.. r7 a7ki
T: k will see.
H: k yallah bye
T: bye, nightyyy

me going to make my tea / labaneh sandwich and my sobbaaaa :D

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