Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Diet Plan:Week 8

The Spartan's diet is alright, but the time i chose to follow it was wrong, i should have done something easier not tougher after lets say 4 proper dieting weeks. truely i made four correct days, and the rest were takhbees. i was tired and stressed and i had school dead line to meet and i was sleepless, i had coffee and my stomach was dying that day

when i measured myself Saturday, i didn't lose weight. but body measures were less.
but you can say that i had friday, saturday, sunday and monday free and seriously im eating!
but it decided not to diet this week,, im tired and i need a break.
i'll try not to mess up too much till next Saturday and will think of something for next week

if there is something that i should learn, is to train myself to live with a loaded day by default.
its a matter of fact for another 4 months and spend time wisely though i deadly need a break.

you know what, i really want the sky to rain,, i want to see shita falling.


Asoom said...

yea dieting is so not easy, I fail like 10 times before I do something sucessful, what I'm doing now is working for me I'm about 30 (13.5 kg) pounds in 2.5 months taking supplements like fiber to control how much I eat. I know it's not the perfect solution but it's a good way to jumpstart the process in order to give me enough motivated and encouragement to continue on, I'm about halfway to what I think is perfection! good luck!

Alia said...

Ahh .. well i think it's time for you to have a break =)
8 weeks is great , m3 ta5bes aw bedono .. you made it !
and im sure you'll do better as soon as you're less stressed and feeling better =) ..
as for me , im not dieting anymore, i had a tooth brace "taqweem asnan" and i cant eat anywayz XD ..
i need time to get used to it , so im livin' on liquids now "soup & orange juice" XD ..
anywayz , just keep that in your mind .. YOU'LL MAKE IT .. YOU WILL ..
and by next summer you'll be hittn' the beachs with a PERFECT BODY ;D ..
and finally , ..sheta , im waiting for that too , one of the reason i moved here is to see REAL sheta & SNOW ><" ..
good luck =) ..

Hani Obaid said...

lol, did you say shita ?

For some reason I got the wrong mental image when I read that.