Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Arab Women

through the past week, so many things came up my mind that i wanted to blog, some were due to frustration and stress, some were passing thoughts along the day,, i will try as much as i could to collect them all in this post.

Women in the arab world culturely speaking are not given their rights and are always looked at as less and treated as less,, and while observing i was thinking how men are abusive and that its all about their satisfaction and their image and their feelings. they treat women like a property that belongs in their heads to a certain location or setup and is to be managed,, never treated as an individual, the idea of a woman to be an equal in a relationship is not valid even for women themselves which why i think programs like Bab il 7ara f***ks up with people's heads and they think its cute, while this module exists and it varies from one family to another, and it affects how women are brought up to think of themselves that really and truly and im very serious that an arab male can't stand his partner to be more successful than he is and when she gets there, he tries to limit her and control her, like if im a woman in my twenties and i share my decision making rights with my parents now and they have the vito right, and afterwards i will share it with someone else with some vito rights and with a culture like ours its either you take it or take it,,, where is me??? when will i ever be totally independant of everybody??

Arab men are not open minded at all,, they are just careless but not and not not not open minded and im pretty convinced with it from what i've seen so far. but what i wanted to get to is that if your family brought you up to think that practice x is wrong and its implanted in you.. when you grow up if you happened to do practice x you will still hear an inner call telling you what you are doing is a default wrong. this is what i think. its a rare case that someone loops out of that. but if you have enough faith in yourself and keep saying NO and follow what your instincts tell you.. you will loop out.

its hard for an arab woman to Live Free, Value her freedom and not be misunderstood, maintain the balance of respect in a man's world.

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