Saturday, 22 September 2007

Diet Plan:: Week 7 Kamakaziii

going kamakazi
week 7 is gonna be the Hani's spartan way! im thrilled to see if i can live through 7 days of tuna salad lol!!! starting tomorrow ;)

this is getting pretty exicting for me,, i got used to two meals a day in small portions.. khabbaset 2 days ( i had white chocolate and snickers / chips ( i love cheetos ):P ) BUT the next day i went out walking for 1.5 hrs ,, i managed to make a 1 Kg loss,, woohoo! the problem we still have the white chocolate syrup at home, i love you hala!!

i didnt get to walk in the morning,, ya3ni i can walk alone at 9 but not at 6, it has to do with my head, and my sister refuses to wake up and walk with me. huh ( by the way she is reading) !!


Hani Obaid said...

Tala, I just finished my first week, and lost 4Kgs.

The most important thing for it to taste good is to use a spicy mayonnaise that you like, and tuna in water (not oil), oil will ruin the taste and add calories.

Walking is very important, if your sister won't walk with you, get an ipod, and listen to your favorite music.

Tala said...

shu raheeb,, 4 Kgs!! this is great ^^ you know there is a number in my head, i'll be really happy if i got to it next week, the hard part would be going for daily 45 min walk. will update a playlist on the ipod :)

i will get the maxim brand/mazolla brand mayo and give it a try,, might do my changes on the reciepe too , ba2oulak shu biseer :D

Good Luck on Week 2

Alia said...

hi ,, ..
well , i lost 2kg in 3 days XD
but i litterly screwed up today ..
mam made a macaroni .. and i couldn't resict XD
but im standin' back tomorrow =D
and omigod whats that about the tuna diet ? .. 4 KG aweek XD ..
i guess i'd love to try it , so can you share the reciepe please ?
anywayz ..
3njad good luck tala on this week and about walkin' , i have this problrm myself , i have no one to go out with me to walk XD .. so i guess im stickn' to the home-aerobic ,, and speakin' about aerobic im really sorry i didn't upload it for you yet ..
so waitin' for your updates ..and good luck too hani =)

Tala said...


eyes wide open O_O KEEF??

hope the week is going well with yu, tuna diet is hard :( biddi yikhlas, i can't wait till Saturday

i missed one day walking la halla2, hope i'll manage the coming 4 days and i had one table spoon of chocolate syrup, just one! and im eating like 3-4 grapes during the day before tuna meal ..

hmm.. about original reciepe, its linked to hani's blog in the post ,, but if you want my adjustments 3al tuna salad,, it would be hehehe Totaaaallly different:

rocca (jarjeer)/iceburg letuce
onions (not too much)
can or corn
can of tuna
mushrooms :D if you manage the fresh ones yummmmmy
and my super dressing would be : " olive oil, lemon, oregano, belsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, dried garlic" use the blender to make it and store it in the fridge .. shake before use ;D

Hani, i know this is so not the reciepe :P

Hani Obaid said...

Tala, whatever works. No matter what, if it all adds up to 1000 or less, you'll lose weight.

Anonymous said...

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