Sunday, 29 July 2007


one of the most amusing things when going to a wedding is people after 1 AM :D hehehe you'll get to dream for a while, dance, watch and laugh.. plus it becomes cozier and all the non close people would have left, the prime time would be from 1 to 4 am :D

well,, people go through the whole process of watching how pretty the bride's dress was, how was the walk down the alter, the church decoration, the best man and gorgeous maid of honor and the whole line of hugging, kissing, crying, taking pictures, chocolates and where did you get them from gossip, the honking in the streets, and going home for a break from the steam and mujamalat for the people you have not seen for ages and get ready for the partyyy... hmmmm... yup yup.. the fun part :D at least for me..

when i enter the ballroom and i find pro 4, i put this - :S - face on,, a lot of playback for the night goes in my head, man these people are blaaaaaaaaaah,,, school prom music!! il muhim, yeah back to the newly wedds enter the room on a camel, lol or down a helicopter or whatever freakish way they make up, they get the sword and split the cake in two, do their slow dance, pile people around the dance floor with the latest arabic hit songs and dance.. i have nothing to do with all of that,,, getting myself comfy with a drink, find my company normally my cousins till i get in the mood ,,, sometimes we turn on games on mobiles heheheh,,, or check funny jokes or pictures.. till we switch to some crazy mood of invading the dance floor :D

we cheer for the new couple,, actually the most beautiful thing is to see the look in their eyes,, anyways,, foooooooood =D normally its either so great or sucks big time.. whats weird is how you notice as you age how people change.. really,, fun people stop being fun and they become lets go sit next to best business deal.. lets talk about economics and politics.. bla bla bla.. and people who got married go through a shift of interests from when they were single.. they talk about their maids, getting the kids into school rates, after school activities and hell there is a lot of competition on whose kids are better, etc etc..

open bar is the best solution to shut people up, its a good thing :P il muhim... in the ballroom the mood develops as the party goes on and on.. people who had their dinner and did their duty go home and we friends stay and start requesting good music, the fun part is not to drink a lot and watch those who drink a lot.. HAHAHAHA .. watch them on the dance floor,, the people whom you never thought would dance,, start dancing,, people get wings and know how to swing.. and the music plays.. and the colors become comfortabe and the noise is nice .. and you feel tired and happy.. you smell the flower arrangement on the table and btudrob koo3 when someone pulls back in the dance floor.. i never take my shoes off.. no no.. never!

eh,, its fun when you are close to the poeple getting married,, but its all a stereotype,, yeah, you sit with a remote control and keep skipping chapters.. company counts here :D

hmm.. a wedding on a football field would be cool, BBQ on the menu?? lol
donno why i started all that .. i just heard a song that reminded of a wedding i attended a while ago

hmm.. its the season afterall
congrats all you tawjihi students ... YES.. no more thaqafeh 3ammeh!woohooo


Maher said...

i love wedding, especially taking pictures!!! yabayee sho ba7eb atsawaaar!!!!!! mesh ma32goool ba a6la3 be 3/4 el album looool

o lama akooon labes my red tie, khalaaaas enseee el wade3!!

wallah batzakar awal mara lbeset feeha my red tie, yaaaa wellllllleeee!!! wallahe awal ma a3adet 3ala el 6awla, two girls ejo talked to me, bas 6el3ooo akbaaaaar meeeneee


bas my gf my gassarat feehom! looool! o ana mkayeef looooool! wba3deeen shallat amalee!! :S

(haaay post mo comment lol)

Maher said...

btw, why ma fee thaqafeh 3ameh anymore?

Tala said...

loooooool maher on the red tie,7ashash.. you are quite an out going guy,, its cool, enjoy yourself as much as you can without raising your gf's blood pressure,, TAKE CARE OF HER!! she won't tshil amalak if you behave :PPP yupp weddings are fun :DD

well, i had hard time with thaqafeh 3ameh back when i was tawjihi, so for the ones who finished it, they won't have to go through it again:D


Maher said...

thaqafeh ammeeeh is easy girl!
80/80 :P