Friday, 27 July 2007

hot weather, too dry to breathe, polishing the floors,, its 9:00 am heated vapor taking shape of its container running over my skin, dusty not even a fan,, object against a stream line, a broken curtain, a broken seat.. i'd want to run faster, maybe make an obstruction to your voice if it was a flow to distort,, let pressure drops and air cools. maybe id cool off, instead of my invisible cold high pressure.. sigh.. im counting!
" give me a place to stand and i will move the world with a lever" Archimedes',, well what you know,, not really what was in my mind.. but i just remembered "Al kufr al 3ilmi of my beloved prof"
it makes sense inspite of the twisted way, i cant use Celsius for Kelvin.. its a sin!!! open your palm and put it infront of your mouth, open your mouth and push air towards the outside, it would be hot and you sense it on your palm. again, suppose you are whistling or blowing candles,, the air would be cool on your palm.. and once again, you can't make an easy yes infront of all

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