Friday, 22 June 2007

Side Talk

I am sure you saw ants working somewhere in the garden or in one corner or another, and i am sure you tried to put a stick or your finger in their way and see what they do.
do you recall the behaviour of ants; they scatter everywhere in a panic state? aimless.
steady state.
short memory loss.
next hit..
useless order.
after the current crisis ends and the media files the number of the dead and the injured and jews make another step forward to underway their plan, will you make a plan somewhere that next time i will be prepared? will you allow today to repeat itself?

ask your conscious, how confident that it will happen again and you will still be useless??
you have a mind to use, you can do better than an ant.

stop reacting. over-reacting. analysing and arguing internally & suffer the short memory loss later on,, especially for those who are not under-fire and are concerned.
what can i do, you say, i am just a citizen. im powerless.

you can, have an aim to start with. truly want. politics does not work with emotions. media does. get informed. adopt the change. you can

what i really don't understand how we anounce defeat before we enter the battle field.


one honest voice.

و بتقللي بكرة بتهون
طب ما انا محروم
بنام ع وينك يما
اسمع لا تقولي
كيف بدها تهون
لسا هلأ هلأ
هلأ عم بحكي لحالي

لحالي - عزيز مرقة


No_Angel said...

Hey welcome back, tho i didn't quite understand the post 0.o

Tala said...

Hey =D Thanks No Angel, glad you are the first commenter, you are always welcomed here

About this post, well, my point was that in order to adopt change and make a difference, there should be a realistic aim somewhere, followed by an analysis departments to establish a long term plan to solve problems rather than stating and counting what is the damage and blaming the cause to discover that we are at the level we have no common vision.

if we are at the point where we no longer can achieve a step forward, the least we could do is have a solid crisis management fast to implement plan to protect onself and minimise the damage.

another thing is if i can't do something on my own, think of allies and supporters. if i figured out that i don't have support, i should be able to get it. upgrading is an essential step that should be refreshed all the time based on the vision. and work on the infrastructure mutually

on a final note, i shouldn't be under-fire, palestinian, muslim or arab to be concerned. and we really don't think of it this way, everyone thinks that as long as its not affecting me, then its not my problem. thats stupid, coz its going to get you in a way or another.

and as long as the people are isolated there, they will be slaughtered and no matter how much development they establish, they will have it wrecked same for Lebanon if they have no support. and give jews a reason to come in and ruin a 5 years work.

but who will provide the support? who is concerned. who is not under-fire. who works on himself professionally and serves a purpose of the well being of his people along the way.

thats why the security you have in Jordan could be used as an advantage, for those who say its a buffer zone for the sake of zoinist security, i think is the business premium secure grounds that you can use to get ahead if you have enough capital to get you started and still serve your purpose as you grow and you compete. you have the advantage of the land and the identity as long as governments at least give you the cover.

well, i know i am a dreamer and maybe this is so far away from implementation but my point is have a counter vision for those who wants to work against you. and once you have an idea in your head, support is always available. i do believe in that.

thief said...

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