Monday, 25 June 2007

at the Bottom of Anything Comes Basics: Mental Health

The fast rate of change in the pace of life; where has it put you? are you comfortable with it? do you really understand it and can you adapt ?

Today is not like 2, 5, 10 years ago, connecting the dots is a must, we no longer live alone, we no longer have the same standards, the same thoughts, the same taste. your needs and dreams are not protected, well, its pretty much scary for anyone, it makes you feel kind of alone, it should have caused you to become insecure in an aspect or another in your life, i am for myself.

and these changes in the way we live left us with needs unmet, caused the nations insecurities due to problems in acceptance, adaptation, and understanding, it varies in levels from one person to another, but it naturally occurs due to anxiety and internal fear from uncertainty that is in its basic form uncontrollable.

Un-nourished human needs cause anxiety, depression, and addiction, emotional disturbance that is, you can't measure it unless you are aware of yourself, so its always good to learn about your basic needs and try to spot what has been going wrong if you felt insecure because no one would fully understand what's going inside you and it reflects on your performance.

we all know the most basic needs such as food, shelter, water there are other basic needs as much important and less focused on. as a living being this is what you need before anything else. here is the check list:

the need to give and receive attention; similar for the appetite for food, when deprived of human contact for long periods of time, the mental health suffers massively as much as your body suffers. when not met, you seek it in an inappropriate ways. when you have it fulfilled, you can focus better.

taking care of the mind-body connection; every motion, mood and thought is expressed in the language of the biochemistry within our bodies. how you take care of your body corresponds directly to your psychological well being. food amount, food quality, food regularity, sleep amount, exercise amount are all factors that you should seek to balance to have a sound mind and body.

the need for meaning, purpose and goals; conceiving new ideas and bringing into being; this is how we reached where we are now, goals don't have to be huge, writing something you always wanted, creating a garden, learning a sport, achieving promotion at work, helping other people, supporting others pays of beyond the value of what you have done.

the need for a connection to something greater than ourselves; the feeling that we are part of a more significant whole rather than just ourselves is important for underlying well being and confidence, we feel happier when we connect with people with the same perceptions, when we look up to something. religion, nature, political party, or a group of light minded friends.

the need for creativity and stimulation; its very basic and different people need it in different levels, when we stretch creatively we feel healthier and happier, people develop imagination in order to create vision of how things would be, this creative element within you clearly links to your need of purpose and goals, you don't have to make a work of art to be creative, you can rearrange your room, redesign your garden, learn something new, putting something of yourself into what you do

the need for intimacy and connection it is wonderful to feel there is at least one person who really knows us for who we are, someone you can totally relax with and just be yourself, this could be a partner, a friend or family, feelings increase when we are able to relax with other people.

the need for a sense of control when we can't tolerate uncertainty, ability to regain control in a situation when we can't control external factors, such as getting a job or not, or whether someone likes you.

the info is from a session in an audio course called the
self confidence trainer from uncommon knowledge, its very interesting, the website has lots of nice articles in self help and psychology if you find interest in these stuff.

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