Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Dear whoever passing by here,

Welcome to my blog xD

since this is my first post on Degrees of Freedom, here is a brief on what you are going to find if you come over again.
It will be more of review/study-result like blog, i will put you in my shoes, behind my glasses, in my back pack and we'll get to put issues under the microscope and get to experiment with our minds =DD after studying an issue thoroughly i will be discussing conclusions here. i want to share these views with you
i'll keep it as informative as possible in the fields i'm good at and while learning new things shwai shwai :)

no personal miseries, no rants, no open ended questions or whining
there might be music related posts since its like ba3d Allah w Ahli w s7abi 3indi :P

my moto these days goes like in the world we live, we are not born free, we work hard to earn our freedom, the best investment one could do is to invest in his/her mind..

p.s: since i have put my restrictions on the posts, i won't be updating quite frequently

c you then,

Listening to: Deepak Ram - Night in Lenasia
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