Friday, 14 August 2009

Riding the Gravity Express

to somewhere else in space, to somewhen else in time.

some thought provoking videos.


Genki Dama said...

Oh my! Tala what is ur major? computer engineering?

This is kind of creepy! These are the alpha betas of science! why are u amused?

If you like these things, go to prime mega store bookshop or virgin and search for a book called the universe in a nut shell! it is a good book to start with! welcome to the world of science geeks 8)

Tala said...

don't u think these things are worth pondering, these videos are basics but the visuals give some room to think beyond. Imagine going into a black hole to another universe, imagine what time, space and gravity are like there and how gravity affects the form of life or the path of light!

Im new to hawking, I saw few videos of him on youtube before you made the comment, 2 days ago he was awarded the medal of freedom, he is something!

in one of the videos he was asked if there could be other civilisations in the milky way of similar or higher intelligence, he said, its unlikely within the surrounding hundreds of light years, otherwise we would detected some radio waves. there could be other civilizations farther but civilizations dont last for very long and they destroy themselves. that was interesting to hear.

Genki Dama said...

Yes he is! But he is retiring next month! The visuals are tricky and might mislead u to thinking that what u understood is the truth but it is not! In this type of science abstract thinking is required away from any sensory precipitation!

Btw, there is a project for searching for Aliens in the outer space! It is called SETI@home! Try it if u like!

But if u are really up to these things I can recommend u a couple of good readings!

And just to know, a black hole does not take u anywhere =)

Mike said...

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