Friday, 20 March 2009

Morality and Freedom

How much freedom does morality need?

This is the critical question that people confront when asked to tolerate/accept more freedom in the context of society or freedoms they don't personally conform with or simply they are not aware of or consider alien, it actually means clinging to a Meta-Ethical argument and is somehow a way to say I disapprove/disagree.

often in society, our freedom to choose is limited by others, but in order to call ourselves free within the society, all the alternatives should be there in the first place, I don't believe someone should protect us from ourselves, but again, we live within society.

I don't think that freedom is absolute and I don't think its deterministic, and no matter what statistics and observations say, no matter how predictable one is said to be, I own the moment of choice, but the moment of making a choice does not ever solely rely on one thing/factor or only me.

I can't point my finger and say "any one thing" is a cause for "something" and add a full stop, our thoughts and choices are part of the physical laws and our lives are the translation that " say " what we are.

so when I assess a past action and try to ask why, I think of the situation and I weight all factors taking part including my psyche, others, alternatives available and not available, the environment, time and what were the intentions, desired results and values. Knowing that an "ought" can never come from an "is"

why we don't have the intellectual ability to know what we are? Observe humanity in whole and tell me what does the lives of humans say, look at the application & outreach of the established human system, what do you see? what are humans doing?

I hope my language didn't come out so poorly and what I wrote is reading friendly.

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Al-Hussain Arshad Yassin said...

you know...Freedom is a very large topic, there is not 100% Freedom to anyone, because if there is; then some people might understand that freedom can also mean killing people as they wish and doing things against the law, in fact 100% may also mean the non-existence of the Law. others might also interpret it doing what they wish and that could lead to moral corruption more than we have now.

But Freedom to me is doing what you wish without effecting others, neither exceeding the lines of your own religion. maybe thats a poor definition of mine, i may need to work on it more and give more effort.

nice post and nice blog...keep up the good work.

Al-Hussain Arshad Yassin