Sunday, 5 October 2008

Speaking of Investments in Jordan

I was just watching the news on Dubai TV and they were talking about the current international financial crisis and how there is a lack of worldwide liquidity and then they brought a report on His Majesty King Abdallah addressing Jordan House of Parliament about our financial policies and banking sector and how to battle inflation, I wish if only people understand how important is what he said.. people don't understand where we are heading to and how long will it take to reflect on people. I wish I can show you old pictures of Dubai and how it looks now, it was about fishermen and desert.. nothing more! nothing... Dubai will run out of oil soon.. why do you think there is plan "B" ??

sheikh Zayed Road 1991-2005

Seriously you should ask the people this question: how far do you think Jordan can develop? what does develop mean?????????? what should be changed in Jordan to become a country everyone dreams to Live in? ana ba7eb il Ordon keef ma kan, bas leish mish a7san!? leish ma ykoon hadafna il a7san? it takes you whoever you are wherever you are to work the best you can all the time, this is how you help.

Tomorrow is the opening of cityscape Dubai ; is the largest business-to-business real estate investment and development event in the world, under Jordan there will be 2k, Abdali investment and Development PSC, Amlak Newspaper, Aqaba Development Corporation, and Mawared International, its very interesting to see how big the transactions are going to be considering the current global financial state,, it is expected to have lots of russian investors, and there is the notion of holding on to cash now or to use it wisely.

All we can do now is bring in investors, and meanwhile conserve our resources, fix our laws, increase people's awareness about their practices and work hard in our instituations to serve the citizens with what we got, facilitate their lives the best we can, constantly developing ourselves for better performance. better performance should be a national duty in all public sectors. cut costs cut costs cut costs ... and be more efficient...
help people..

we don't set goals that are visible to our citizens, like all what i saw in abadali project is that it stole a neighborhood, and it increased the land prices, there is too much planning needed, Jordan is very promising but it needs the people to get engaged about what will Jordan be like in 2025!!


The Observer said...

Jordan will make it, I have so much hope :)

Zait o Za3tar said...

It is inevitable, and it is going to happen.

However, I hope we do it in a manner that preserves the character and history of our cities.

a different perspective said...

Nice post, there is a lot of work on us to get there. Tourism might be the first on our list. We have so much potential, so many important historical sites, but no supporting infrastructure for tourism. Jordan can be set up a lot better for tourists. Public transport, tourist information centers...etc.

Tala said...

observer min tommak la bab il sama =)

ZaitoZa3tar ofcourse we have to preserve our history and character and this comes through laws, thats why there should be proper planning and a preparatory stage for foreign corporate company laws.

a different perspective infrastructure is the biggest challenge, a presence in global markets means we have to adhere to international standards, we highly capitalize on Tourism and its a real waste not to use it to its maximum potential
Transportation is a world wide PAIIIN.