Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Poverty : Broad Strokes

while preparing to write about Poverty, I discovered that I didn't know how to answer basic questions relating to it and that its a complex issue hiding behind a word, its not a simple problem to say the least, and while surfing the web for an understanding to poverty relating to where we are, I came with this structure with simplified answers to follow:

how to define poverty?
Who is considered poor?
How to statistically measure poverty?
where are the poor in Jordan? how about the rest of the world?
What needs to be done?
can we translate that to action?

see people, what I was looking for is: if I want to develop a content that can be given to others that says " this content will help fight poverty " what would it be?? I don't see quite well, I don't have answers but this is what I hope we would get to all together, lets think, many heads are definitely better than one

to be continued..

Poverty [ blended notes from several places to reflect upon]

How to define poverty?

is it not having the cost to get by?

"Poverty is really the lack of freedom to have or to do basic things that you value" Amartya Sen

"Rather than a single poverty measure, what you really want is to develop multiple measures of deprivation and look at them on a regular basis" Rebecca Blank

you neutralize poverty "by keeping the focus on the characteristics of poor people rather than on the economy, politics and society are more broadly constructed" Alice O'conner

what are the characteristics of the poor in Jordan?? illiteracy? unemployment?

what is the statistical measure?? US--> The present system is based on a minimally nutritious food budget devised decades ago by the Department of Agriculture. The food budget is multiplied by three because back in the 1950's and 60's food was considered one-third of an average family's outlays. define the poverty line?

who is responsible for poverty — government, society or the individual?

How to measure poverty? Who are The poor?

one way is to use income as the single criterion for judging who is poor.

should the family of a hardworking full-time employee earning the minimum wage be blamed for poverty because the minimum no longer lifts the worker's income above the poverty level? should we look into neighborhoods?

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