Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Why Israel is not a Country

Israel is NOT a country because:

1- it has non defined borders.
2- it has a non defined constitution.
3- it has a non defined capital.
4- a state with no viable resources

right now, Historic Palestine is a group of villages that are hardly connected to stand as a state for the Palestinians. Peace in such conditions cannot be real, its a joke we are being fed, some morphine shots for the arab nations. Peace can only be attained with a strong economy which currently doesn't exist.

always keep this in mind, why would anyone give you rights when they don't have to? what do you have that would keep your existence conserved and your rights not violated by others? when an entity with power decides to violate/invade common rights, does it break down to make the entity stoppable? Iraq is occupied and torn into 3 pieces. the United Nations can't call it occupation.. what can we do then???? Iran is benefiting from it as well, am i wrong?... everyone wants control. dont trust anyone. fight for your rights!

Governments are mobs that want people to deal with corruption so they can bring in money to the treasury from taxations, nationalities are the biggest joke anyone ever invented.

America suffers from 3 major problems:

1- The increase of Oil prices and which is a dilemma for every industrial country
2- The high cost of war on Iraq, 3 trillion Dollars so far
3- The decreasing real estate prices in the states which means the banks will get bankrupt! the federal bank interfered on its own expense to save the banks and the oil prices!

according to Mr Talal Abu Ghazaleh, 2030 will witness the peak of the world's economic crisis.

from the middle east up to china there will be a boom in trade during this period and Arab countries will have to have strategies to use the money excess which is currently floating that drove Saudi Arabia to spend 25% of its national income on education, though the best investment is to go towards Africa and invest there. this is the only way to secure resources and reserves for the near so dark coming arab region future.

between 2030 - 2050 Africa will be the most important region in the world because it will have to feed the world.

This the time where China is the big thing along with Russia which is the second world source for Oil.

update: i dont know why,,, but i think, that its too wrong to drive Jordan to become an industrial country that needs Oil to be run... if Jordan is to be clever, its should turn to agriculture and stop taking more people in. i think we need to invest in Agricultural Technologies, not research in Power Alternatives.. we can trade power solutions for agriculture. but we dont have water... boom! what do you think???


loolt said...

I found this post interesting.

Why would anyone give you rights if they dont have to? Good point. And the Zionist philosophy and moral code does not oblige to do anything but terrorise and manipulate the Palestinians out of what is theirs.

Not sure that i agree that jordan not invest in power alternatives, it may be of some benefit. Even though the Ghour area is an excellent source of citrus fruits and in my opinion has not been exploited as much as it could.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I thought that Tel Aviv was the capital but then I just looked it up on google and found that it is contested. Israelis say the capital is Jerusalem but this is not internationally recognised. I feel a bit embarassed that I didn't know that!

Tala said...


true, Israel is one organised manipulative mob that claims a state on the ruins of a country which is ironic at least to me, they have no whatever legit historic right to it, its fraud, we lack effective expertise among arabs in proper public administration, awareness in international law, what planning means based on resources and economics.

concerning alternative energy, solar pannels won't work around the year here, its more viable in the gulf and should be there, it would make a great future world power supplier after oil to use the deserts instead of nuclear power which costs billions! wasted wasted billions

Jordan has agricultural potential which was fought against since the late 90s, farmers were not encouraged and could not afford planting wheat, the cost was always higher than the revenues because we always imported it, we have citrus poential, now most of the jordanians sold their lands to build towers. but if these entrepreunourship efforts are to start industries, they need to study the energy supply costs and availablity, the country has to study the environmental and socio-economic side effects as well.. what im thinking is whats it gonna be like here, another Dubai, is this what they are aiming at???

we are the ones with no resources, we have to keep that in mind.

Arima, me neither, i didnt learn that till two weeks ago from a man who studied international law and its so important to know how true, it rang a bell,, don't you think we take so much basic knowledge for granted.. it always amazed me what our educational system is like. sigh

Welcome here Arima :)

Tala said...

we are in 2008

and the Jordanian citizen is already paying a relatively high price for food and basics and services and taxes.

we dont manufacture our food. what will happen by 2015?! can you imagine????

Mohanned said...

The cost of war is not 30 trillion..Both iraq and afganistan wars up to now cost 600 billion..There is an estimate that when it is all over the cost will reach 3 trillion(This icludes everything such as health care and pshychological care for all the troops in the future).

Furthermore, The US economy is robust and self corretive. They are the largest consumer base in the world, so in a way the world is dependent on the health of their economy.

As for jordan or for that matter any country in the world: Energy independence is crucial on many levels. Water, energy, and human capital is the definition of success. Any other success will be an outcome of the success in those three major segments. As for water, the dead-red canal is one solution, plus expansion in building dams all over the country(Ironically, it is Something that the nabatians mastered). Also, energy means more desalination plants..

Development in jordan (As many pundits say) is dependent on finding a solution to the palastenian issue. The politicians in our field are holding back on reforms based on the premise that more than 50% of the jordanian population are not jordanian. Of course this is an absurd claim, but when we look at the reality it seems that the regime was and is succesfull in playing on that sensitive cord..Soo..Let me stop here..

Tala said...


im sorry for the massive zero mistake!

its 3 not 30 trillions, adjusting to inflation rates, it would become 5 trillions, the UK is not giving clear figures on their war cost, but estimated at 20 billion pounds, there will be a decrease in the troops in Iraq for an increase in Afgainstan but are not expected to move out of Iraq before 2010.

U.S is in debt for 9.1 trillion as of Nov 2007, its current strategy to deal with oil price crisis is to succeed in making the total cost for forign oil dependance less than one percent of U.S. gross domestic product by 2030.

if their demand for oil decreased by 7.22 million barrels per day (MBD) and increased American oil supply by 3 MBD, oil independence would be achieved by 2030 with a 95percent chance of success.

By reducing demand for oil, increasing its price elasticity, and increasing the supply of conventional and unconventional petroleum products, the country would be virtually immune from oil price shocks and market uncertainty.

This comes with lots of challenges to stop depending on and switching from fossil fuel! keeping in mind that real estate problem needs to be addressed as well, so its not that easy to implement. and you dont know about the plans on the other end of the world.

as for Jordan, i dont know what they are waiting for, like they say we have a good industrial infrastructure, good communication networks. how about plans for securing food and water and fuel for the coming 15 years. as i mentioned, fuel price will increase, making industries with no resources country based on Oil will fail, except if we wanna be an outsourcing unit for Israel. so what kind of economy are we building.. i am really confused in this one, especially when they encourage entrepreneurship and local products?? can someone help explaining this??

BuJ said...

Wow.. another interesting post.. I should have found this blog ages ago!
I agree with everything about Israel.. you reminded me with a joke I heard from a Frenchman about Israel.

""Palestinians and Israelis went to the International Court to settle their claims once and for all over their small piece of land in historical palestine.

The Palestinian side showed all their old deeds for their property dating from the Ottoman era which used to be the legal way to register land in those days, and the judge had a look at them.

The Israeli side simple shouted and punched with their fists holding out numerous copies of the Holy Bible, saying look look, God's word is here, and he has given us the Land of Israel for us to live on.

The judge simply smiled and acknowledged that the Israeli's evidence is much stronger than the Palestinians'. However to finalise the arrangement, he asked if the Israelis could please ask for God to come to the witness stand to verify what is attributed to him in the Bible!!!!!! ""

BuJ said...

3ala fikra, I support the idea of Jordanian agriculture 100% but surely we'll need to sort out the problem of water in the area. I know Lebanon, Jordan and even "Israel" suffer from water shortages.

Disalination is a way forward towards the south (e.g. Al 3aqaba) but it's very expensive.