Wednesday, 4 June 2008

people's issues with weight

3 scenarios, two in the same day and one earlier that left me wondering about people [mainly women] in this part of the world.

today on my way out of the registration office at the university of Jordan, busy with the papers in my hand and actually not seeing anything from the surrounding except the thoughts in my head and how screwed this place is (this is another story) .. a girl comes from a distance saying:

her: Talaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,, Hiiii,, [hugs and kisses]
me: what a nice coincidence, loong time x, how have you been girl??? [ have not seen her in a year or so, IT graduate, we were members of voluntary work during my second year]
her: im good, leish heik nas7aneh , you were thinner !! [$$!!##@@]
me: ooh yea, i know, i have been busy with my school project, stressed a bit, i dont know really
her: aah heik intu il handaseh, something happens to your heads past 3rd year! is there a hope that you will lose the weight after graduation (with a laughter)?!! [ the unpredictable million dollar question..]
me: !!!! yeah, i guess. what have you been doing now? working? [ changing the subject ]
her: no, im not working.
me: been working and quit?
her: no. i didnt [me having weird thoughts..]
me: did you get engaged?
her: YEAH [she puts on the widest smile ever]
me: congrats, thats awesome.. who is the lucky guy?
her: he is mom's relative and we still have sometime before getting married, we are building a house, you know, living preparations. [why doesnt she wanna work then, didnt ask her ofcourse..]
me: im happy for you, hope all goes well with you, good to see you. [we exchanged phone numbers and said goodbye]

my point is its the people who have issues with how you look like. ITS NOT YOU..

1:30 pm, Dakhleeieh circle

took a cab to get back home.

cab driver: where you are heading to?
me: jabal amman, 2nd circle. [ yallah tell me its not where you wanna go to so i find another cab]
cab driver: fine, (after the car moves) but i wont drop you past the second circle, "Allah bi3eenek w btemshi shwai"
me: why is that !!!
cab driver: i will get stuck in the traffic jam if i get to where you want..
me: !!!!! [ if im not wrong its your job to drive me home, right? i didnt say anything]
cab driver: there are many reasons to walk, the weather is fine and you will get to burn some cholesterol
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ screw you ]
cab driver: if there was no jam, i will see if i would drop you in.
me: fine.

he didnt drop me home. if i took public transportation, it would have been more decent.

what i think. people in Jordan do not mind their own business, they dont think before speaking. they are not considerate. and above all, why on earth they think that a chubby girl needs pity or by any chance needs to be patted for gaining weight. people are sick.

if it makes them feel good about themselves, let it be. i call this 3oqad nafsieh.

i love myself. mind you.

my second cousin's birthday, 2 years old. my cousin's mother in law comes up to me

CMiL: tsk tsk tsk.. leish heik 3amleh bi 7alek ... 7aram 3aleiki.
me: [smiling, i dont see her except on birthdays and holidays.. hi]
CMiL: after you have gained weight, you proved that all the females in your family are easily pro getting fat.. [cruella got her moment of victory]
me: ma3lesh auntie, barja3 ban7af.

i call these kind of people, Rude & Waqe7een. may God give them something worthy to obsess with. Amen.


7aki Fadi said...

Appalling! Nas 3anjad waki7a.
This is the thing about Ammani people, they don't mind their own business and they are rude and have no manners.

Seebeeky minhom and try and say rude things back to them. Like that chick at the birthday tell her that she is ugly. LOL. she will never say it again.

Tala said...

oh 7aki, you dont know, i wished i could tell her how wrinkled her face is, how scary her face looks with the butox injections and all the make up on her face with her high scary eyebrows.. she thinks she is a hot 19 years old. what drives me insane is when she eats anything "kteer dasam, ma ba2darr"!!!! GOD. THE FAKENESS.

but she is an old lady and i have to respect her. though my sister disagrees in theory.

i hate housewives to some extent. fadieen ashghal. wallah!

you should have seen the moms in the brithday, heals, makeup, formal uncomfy outfits and leaving the kids with the philippinas! 3a EISH HOUSEWIVES!

i felt like an alien. i swear.

loolt said...

loool :)

thakartneeni bi2ayaam al-2ordon. There was this one girl who i had not seen in a while and her first comment to me was 'yeee, nas7aneh, 2o sha3rik 2im2as99iff' (ookay). And after a few months i lost the weight and another girl made a comment to that effect, and [evil girls'] response was 'la, bas shikilha na7faani 3ashanha laabsi 2aswad'.

Tala said...

'la, bas shikilha na7faani 3shanha laabsi 2aswad'

wow! she is unbelievable, i think her frustration drove her to say that.. seriously those people need therapy, Thanks for your comment and welcome here loolt :D

Khouloud said...

Haaaaa!! Shu il takhallof had!!
Il mushkileh inno the "never disrespect an older person no matter what" is something we were raised to as well, it is annoying 3ashan you end up biting your tongue w faking a smile to someone who has no manners and would think you didn't respond because you can't. As for il banat hadol, you should've told the first girl :Eh w inti kaman! Shiklo had mawsem il nasa7a. That would shut her up if she's so obsessed with weight.

I have a very, extremely, unbelievably musalimeh friend; nour, my other not-so-musalimeh friend hates her, the not-so-musalimeh friend, lets call her X saw nour once lamma kunna tani saneh jam3a, ma kanat shayfeet-ha min il tawjihi

X: Eh, mit7assen shiklek, sayreh 7ilweh
Nour: Thank you, 3younek il 7ilween
Surt altom, really! I told X : Toul 3omerha 7ilweh bas inti zo2ek shiklo mbattel **********. Binfa3esh ma3hom toskoti, lazem tosdomeehom every once in a while 3ashan yseerou y3iddou lal 10 abel ma ye7kou.

Tala said...

hala Khouloud :)

believe it or not, i dont know how to reply on the fly to such comments with something smart, though i know it works this way, even when i try, im a living disaster, i might say something like " ma 2awqa7ek " or " 3ala ay asas bte7ki ma3ha heik " but using a sweet indirect but direct "TAS" method is not something i do well.

most probably i wont say anything because it means to me that she was able to push my buttons, i dont let others do that, pointing out the bad in her as a come back means i did the same she did. so if i succeed in addressing her morality, quick and sharp to make her hear herself again, i would have caught her in a way btesta7i min 7alha w 3omorha ma t3eedha. but it won't do much for someone ma bi7es min aslo. you have to make them lose.

BuJ said...

oh, i think you're way too nice.. i would tell these people straight up to mind their own f-ing business.. especially relatives.

After all if your home is made of glass, then don't throw stones, etc..

Why are people so obsessed with shape and figure, esp for women? man, who cares as long as you dress ok and take care of yourself (e.g. personal grooming, cutting hair, nails, don't smell, etc)

I might be going to Amman this summer holiday, I think I should brace myself... but I'm a bit confused.. if I stick with Jordanians I will get insulted, and if I stick with tourists, I might get my head blown off!

only joking of course! I look forward to it :)