Thursday, 12 June 2008

a question

do we have a number for how much printed money is there in the world measured in Dollars?
what would the figure be like? trillions? quadtrillions? centillions?! can we know that?


khouloud said...

What did/do you study?
I started watching the link to the first answer w I lost track, had to rewind it and get a pen and piece of paper to follow, lost track of the calculations again, 7asseh 7ali 3am badros :s
Bas it is interesting, you always bring up interesting issues hehe
Will watch the rest soon!

Maher said...

WoW...That was interesting..

Thanks for sharing.. :D

PS : graduated from uni yet?

Tala said...

lol Khouloud @ draseh, i had to repeat it too several time to grasp it, im just a beginner, this has nothing to do with my studies, im trying to learn by online reading and its nice to understand how the money world works, i will try to sum my thoughts soon on what i got so far and maybe sharing with bloggers could bring thought back and forth. thanks for taking the time to go through it, for me, i did engineering.

Ahlan Maher, glad you found it interesting, yeah ^^ I graduated, 3o2balak you and your friends, i took a photo of the corridor after finishing bara2et il thimmeh because i know, its gonna be a looong time since i will walk in there again. if ever

Moey said...

It is a lot...
waste of paper, ink... etc
I hope the usage of cards in the ME increase, although it'd a lot of wasted non-recyclable plastic.

I recorded a vlog for you from Amman's streets at 6 am, walking and talking just to find out that I left my camera in Amman. I'm in Kuwait now, will do a vlog on the beach :) I hope you like the subject this time, it is about an interesting subject. check my blog to know!

Tala said...

Hey Moey,

interesting topic indeed =)
way to go, i will compile a list of things that might help, Enjoy Kuwait, troo7 w tirja3 bil salameh.

UTP said...

how important is it to know?

Tala said...

very important UTP, if money motion was understood and traced, you know how to make and break commerce and you understand why politics are so screwed and you get to realize the new definition of slavery and its projections =)

Hareega said...

the problem with money these days is that none of it is cash. It's all numbers, credits, values. You can't see the money you have

Tala said...

there is a shortage of paper cash thats why people and countries are always in debt. this is the exact reason why there are plastic cards, you deal with money that doesn't exist, not even at the bank. you end up owing the bank before cashing your deposit through credit card interest. they want you to owe them.. this is how we bring in money and remain enslaved.

Dad says " من صرف بلا حساب افتقر و هو لا يدري"

money is plain paper and is not worth a tanakeh but the commitment to pay it to someone, and we the common people deal with left over change which is an illusion, we are the office boy that takes it from one place to another..

i just hate the concept that as i start my life, whatever work i do is worth a virtual number that i really dont have. the concept of constant debt. this is SLAVERY!!!!

BuJ said...

Wow... a blog by nerds.. i love this :)

I guess this shows how poor I am as well hehehe

nice and very interesting and de-bono-esque :)

Tala said...

we are poor and mizrabol my frnd in zis world