Saturday, 3 May 2008

How much citizens in Jordan pay over monthly bills?

today i was looking into switching to a new prepaid plan from one the mobile companies in Jordan and eventually i ended up looking into all the house bills that we pay on monthy basis. the regular must spend, i thought i want to share some rates that i got to so far, probably most of you out there know them, but when we put those together, its no longer a matter of fractions.

first puzzle was the fixed line & DSL line bill; after spending sometime at Jordan Telecom's website to find the rates, it goes like this:

subscription fees: 4.730 JD (Konnichiwa!)

local calls: (note that we used to have free minutes)
1.5 piasters/minute from 7 am - 8 pm
.99 ~ 1 piasters/minute from 8 pm - 12 am (mish fahmeh why .99?)
1 fils/minute from 12 am - 7 am ( no one would call on a land line past midnight )

National calls:
2.5 piasters for the first minute then becomes 1.5 from 7 am to 8 pm
1.7 piasters for the first minute then becomes 1 piaster from 8 pm to 7 am

Fixed to mobile calls:
8.5 piasters for the first minute and then becomes 6.5 piasters/minute from 7 am to 8 pm
8.5 piasters for the first minutes and them becomes 4.5 piasters/minute from 8 pm to 7 am

International calls:
country rate in JD 8am to 10pm /rate 10pm to 8am
KSA .238 / .1666
Syria .238 / .1666
UAE .238/.1666
Oman .2296/.16072 (inno far2at)
Israel .19 / .13
USA .12 /.09

additional fee: 1 JD for universities support per year.
supplementary services by number, for two services you pay: 1.200 JD / month
add 16% tax and voila you have a phone bill

so if you didnt make a single call from a land line you will have to pay 6.87 JD
DSL Service: lets go for the minimal package, Orange @ 128, monthly fees are 8.900 along with taxes it becomes 10.32 JD

now check on average, how much do you pay for the internet and fixed line service? iza biddak to3sorha, 30 JDs minimum ,,,, bare in mind you didnt charge your cell !

Lets now see the Electricity Bill and the rates that come with it:

Reqular Tariff
The tariff of electrical energy supplied to domestic, public buildings, houses inside farms, association offices, worship places, hospitals, manual slaughter houses, social, cultural and sport clubs and elevators in residential buildings and on the charity societies and related facilities which is operating on charity basis not commercial basis for single and three phases is:

a- First block 1 – 160 KWh / month 31 fils / KWh.
b- Second block 161 – 300 KWh / month 59 fils / KWh.
c- Third block 301 – 500 KWh / month 67 fils / KWh.
d- Fourth block over 500 KWh / month 82 fils / KWh.

Meter fee: .200 JD
Fils Al Reef Fee: i dont know how its calculated
Additional Fee: i dont know how its calculated
TV Fee: 1 JD
Public Waste Fee: 5 fils/every KW over 200 KW consumed + 20 JD annually distributed in monthly sums!

our last bill consumed 288 KW and the amount required was 17.903 w hada w ne7na ma mnosrof kahraba.

Water Bill:

i was trying to find our water bill for the last quarter or any useful info on the Lema/WAJ website or anywhere that says what are the new rates, i couldnt find them, but i found
a figure that says this : 20 cubic meters cost 7.307 JD , 41 cubic meters cost 13.429, 80 cubic meters cost 60.082 JD, if i can find the bill, i would see if there are additional taxes to it and how is the rate measured by unit.

so we can conclude that in a month, you could pay for electricity, water and fixed land line / DSL around 70 JD and you are having your consumption tight.

this is where im stopping now, i am not going to start on current house costs, food, mobile and gas expenses ... think about how much you work, how much you are paid and how much of this amount is for you to spend without claiming it to cover what you call a necessity. is there any logical reason for being a stressed overworked and underpaid citizen?

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