Saturday, 3 May 2008

التشريعات الاردنية و وزارة التنمية السياسية و الاجندة الوطنية

A text message was mass sent to people from The Ministry of Political Development to participate in giving opinion on a new law @ but after checking their website, its not working!! why is it when its the people who gets a chance to talk, there is always a broken link, The Queen said that communication in our time is not an obstacle so why dont we focus on communicating as people with the government, most of the time, its the government that doesnt want to listen or let me rephrase it, its not asking us for solutions rather than sheilding itself from complaints,, we can work things out together, IF YOU JUST LISTEN AND LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!! but its like we have to stretch tooooo much to know what the upper legislative authorities are doing and we have to deal with the consequences, are we this much of lab rats?! why??? why is it too hard to find a decent site that connects us to the parliament and the ministries in a way that appreciates public opinin.... i think you government need to get your heads with civilians to know if what you are doing is right, not put Mukharbarat to protect you from what we think, ne7na ma min3od, bas bidna ne3raf wein Allah 7a6na ba3d your expertise !!!!! come out and see from where we stand, the view is not real from where you sit up there ... ok, enough ranting

I found this [link] from Jordan's Legislations Website and i wanted to share the link with you people so you can have a say on the coming legistalions ; Legislation and Opinon Bureau Website [Link]
Another thing i found was the National Agenda! 30 pages brief da da da daaaaaa it is set to be implemented between 2006 - 2015, it makes a little little bit of sense for what is going in Jordan based on it, but i don't think you gov't guys are taking all factors into consideration w 3am titla3 3ala rasna !!!

my current question is where can we read the reports done by the assigned follow up committee with the national agenda ?!

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