Friday, 4 April 2008

Music Animation Machine

i just came across something called the Music Animation Machine which is a visual way to understand or see music move, without seeing what MAM does, i can relate to this visuals, i think this is what it means to say that to understand music you internally move with it, there are lots of crazy stuff ppl has done with it, you can encrypte words within songs too

i remember when i was in high school my uncle gave me a collection of classical and jazz music, some i liked some i didn't, some i don't understand, its seasonal for me to get those cds out, but this piece, though a bit sad i like it a lot and it happened to be illustrated so here you go bloggers..


Anonymous said...

This is quite cool :)

Tala said...

i know ^^ im not quite sure but i guess a pianist can play the song if they see this score without music, there are other methods to visualise a score and the weirdest was cubicles that fades in colors and by color you would tell what notes to play, sometimes i think about the people who can play the piano without having to learn a score, sama3i people, you conclude that not everyone hears the same

but music rocks in all forms