Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Wake Up America, Wake Up for Once!

my VERY (you missed it sammy) arrogantly foolish friend who still feels (and i doubt he is capable of feeling) that my King is a Racist and wishes me the best by not being Honor-Killed since am a Jordanian Woman ; watch your mouth habiby (sweetie in arabic) and don't stoop low, i spoke my mind, its my right! and going beyond that i told you why. you have eyes, you can read! i replied with this post since you dedicated a post for my name while you got an honorable mention at my blog, lucky you! you are truly exceptional.

The dude has a commentator saying:

"It doesn't matter who the US President is, it's up to Israel. Now, the problem is that Israeli politicians are weak and unreliable. They envision a protectorate, not a truly independent country.The is the real problem!"

Poor Olmert wasn't Evil enough for ya! did you read the UN Evironmental Report for the Destruction your WAR caused to the Middle East if humans are so much unworthy?? did you compare the photos of Sedrot to the photos of Gaza! band aids Vs Shattered Flesh and Starving Isolated Nation,, Should i speak of the TOO MANY CANCER CASES WE SUFFER IN JORDAN BECAUSE OF YOUR DEMONA. Do i need to say more??
The more i read, the more you prove me right, 57 years old fool && SEXIST.

you and people like you have distorted the image of my Arab and Islamic culture with naked amplified and twisted lies, Poor Americans they can't see the other side of what is going on, your writings are no where near clean journalism, UNDERSTAND THAT WE WANT INDEPENDANT PALESTINE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT AN INDEPENDANT ISRAEL BUT YOU DONT WANT THAT.

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Tala, yis3ed rabbek!!