Sunday, 16 December 2007

The Weird Tree

ooohh,, as i was reading my last post,, i just remembered something

whenever im on my way home from uni and i get to the third circle around 5:30 -6:00 pm
hundreds and i mean hundreds of birds would be in a chaos state exactly over the third circle and there is a tree.. yes a TREE that has no leaves that all the birds sit on it, i freak out,, and i call it the birds coucil,,, and i mean like every branch has more than 7 birds,, the weird thing is that they fly in all directions like bees of big size, i thought maybe its the migrating season or something, i dont know,, but what i know best, is that if there is anything that has to do with nature and is going wrong, watch for your pets,, they are the first to know.


Bakkouz said...

maybe they are plotting something, like world domination :P

Thunder said...

lol maybe they are discussing elections or planning for a musical concert for the morning show