Saturday, 15 December 2007


this is a quick post coz im so sleepy and i have to stay up, my production rate is dying,,


what do i wanna say, yeah,, here are some funny stuff about my cat, PRINCE ZORO

when i wake up and get out of bed, in matter of seconds he gets to the door of the kitchen and looks at me saying MIAAAAO get in the kitchen and feed me. its like he yells or something.

he doesnt drink milk but likes shaneeneh

loves mini cheetos

loves liver

eats foul (beans)

hates ready made burger meat... hmmmm,, it always makes me wonder!

loves deodorant

hates perfume

cats are smell driven, like when i saw Zoro's face when he first ate chicken and when he first ate fish,, he loves fish, i wondered why,,, its because fish smell :S

whenever anything new enters the house, he goes and explores it, anything, he gets into shock phases if any piece of furniture was moved. its like his property

he is so fat, he looks like garfield, he hates gigi to death and she hates his guts but i love when they sniff each other on the nose sometimes, i give them their food together,, gigi never bites him but he runs towards her and hit her sometimes. naughty cat

Zoro's name in the cat language is me-ia me-ia ,, i dont knw what it means but he immediately listens. every cat in the cat language has a name her momy cat used to call her with, i used to see momy cats calling their little ones and i used to memorise the patterns.

cats hate high pitch sound. it annoys them.

Zoro has a BOY CAT Friend, he is BLONDE haha

I love Zoro's paws, the are black and he has almond shaped eyes,, they are pretty, he is a street taby cat.

when i let Zam (another cat in the house) he refused to come near me for 3 days

when a cat starts scratching its nails on your sweater, it means its remembering its mom

he loves the laptop

cats like to listen to your breath.

cats in my head are always from france

when my second cousin was tiny, she used to call a cat ( ta-te) so ta-te-te translates to my cat


Anonymous said...

If cats were from France they wouldn't be drinking Shaneeneh, Zoro is a pure Jordanian cat, 7otteeh 3ala sider Mansaf w shoufi il darabee illi ra7 ye3milha!! :D

Thunder said...


Alia said...

i used to have a persian cat 'Oscar' , but now i have a stray cat XD ! ..
and every now n' then i let some of the kittiez out side come inside our house,specially when it rains , i named them , there's '5obze' , 'ro7 5obze' , 'basbos' , 'dabdoob' , 'sawdon' .. and the list goes on XD!
they're adorable creatures , i hate kids but i LOVE cats =D
btw,did you try feedin' "Zoro" some k3k 2l 3eed XD?! ..
kiss zoro and gigi for me =D
yetrabo b3zk =D

Shaher said...

I have a cat, her name is mesha, and believe me when I say it took her two years to realize that there isn't any other mesha in the whole house !!! I still wonder if she knows her name or she is just looking where the sound came from ??!!
and btw u have a lucky cat because mine wont eat anything except for whiskas tuna ???!!!

Thunder said...

Persian Cats remind me of pillows :) love them

about cats names all the stray cats have names at my place over the years there was " kharmoosh, Kharyoun lol, abu lufti, um lutfi, abu sha2ra, sanfoor, 7i7i (coz she is 7ilweh), ibn 7i7i, 3azzam, lazgan and the list goes on.

Shaher, we get wiskas for Zoro as a present when he behaves, seriously seriously,, its the gravy that they die for it, just get anything unedible and put that gravy on it and they will eat it, cats are dumb. plus the dry part of the food is minced bones and starch, its not meat. its like the soya made stuff.

ana mish tay2a zoro these couple of days, he doesnt stay at home anymore!! its like he went nuts since its the mating season, (take care of your cats guys) he comes at 10 pm for food and goes immediately afterwards and meaaws like a siren,, hate it, i know he will come sick after two weeks and i will take him to the vet.

i gave gigi a haircut and she looks beautiful and huggable, white and clean.. naughty Zoro, NAUGHTY!