Saturday, 1 December 2007


Motivation cannot be given nor sold, in order for it to last, be true and not temp, it should be generated from inside.

When do people need motivation?

When they need to convince themselves that there is a simple solution for a complex problem.

Motivation is exactly the confidence in yourself that no matter how hard difficult complex or strange it may seem, it figures out because it should.
when you search down there and you can listen to that 1 kHz tone of clarity and you resonate

Do you have faith in yourself?


Three said...

Well I have faith in my potentials, but I don't have faith in my mood, in the sense that I know I'm capable of doing anything I set my mind to, but I usually never set my mind to doing anything because I never feel like it, hehehe, I'm not sure if that's a yes or a no :d

THUNDER said...

Three, ana 3aksek, i set my mind on doing lots of stuff, i can see the perfect world in my head and i know how its done, but i doubt my potential,, thats my problem, i dont see myself doing it, and when i fail, i get convinced that i wasn't meant for it and i pass.. in short i give up quickly!

the otherday i was talking to a student in my major and he told me,, lots of my friends graduated in four years, some made it through great jobs but they were special (note he sees them special) and i feel like i dont have what it takes he reminded me of myself when i was third year, there were guys in my major whom i believed were monsters and aliens in how they see stuff.. when facing troubles,, i go passed the objective part of probs and enlarge the scope to how hard is what is next if i cant deal with this small issue on hand. it officially sucks when you convince yourself that you are on the wrong plane or on the wrong road while its just illusions and a way to go around yourself when you cant find solutions.

lost and aimless and 7ayaty 3azab w kul hal drama bla bla bla.. (shoof meen bi7ki)

question i ask myself all the time: if i know that this is the procedure needed to get to something i want, why dont i do it? i still have no answer..

maybe ma biddi at3ab?? i think its laziness and tayaseh. (my case)

but in your case three, i think you just need to be talked through what you wanna do next, and you will accelerate to achieving your goals like a rocket.