Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Quoting Babz

..ana ba3raf innek bitfakri inni insan min il 3asr il 7ajari, bas r7 yeeji yom to tseeri te7ki illi kan aboui ye7keeli iya houeh il mazboot.. (eehhhhhhh...... sigh sigh sigh)

il ghala6 3omro ma biseer sa7.. ( i really dont know what to respond to this, since he always makes "the right" very clear and i start wondering why did i see it blurry.. )

it takes a fraction of a second to understand ,, understanding the question is half the answer

the first bite and the last bite taste the same

who buys what he doesn't need would sell something he needs one day

if Christ entered your room he will be lost. lol! ( sometimes i need things to be messy, wallah i know how to find stuff better ) wink wink..

i know i drive dad insane and i am so stubborn and i dont listen,, but i know that what he says is right but i need my time to be convinced and give it some thought.

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